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Selfie Stick Fail – Canoe Thru Wrangler JK

Selfie sticks can say a lot about someone. First is the fact that they likely have the delusional mentality that other people give a $#!T about them and/or their life in focus as if they were a celebrity. Another hard truth is that selfies and selfie sticks point to narcissism and so it makes it that much better when things like this happen and we can all have a good laugh at their expense.

What seems to be an outdoor gathering with the fellas and a possible float/fishing trip is soon and dramatically altered due to the simple neglect of one man and is tendency to get sidetracked with his sub-par selfie cinematography.



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Uriah Nazario
About Uriah Nazario

If you are easily offended and like to comment about how your feelings are hurt then you won't like my style of writing. I speak my mind (which is deranged) and yes it is often offensive. I am open for debate but not whining. I appreciate all my readers and hope my articles put a smile on your face.

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