2013 Ford Focus ST

SEMA 2012. The 2013 Ford Focus ST Face-off.

Updated December 28, 2016

2013 Focus STOK, let’s get straight to it. We’re back on the SEMA Show again, and we are going to once again visit the Ford camp, and see what else they have stashed away for the SEMA Show. Well, we already know that Ford wasn’t going to show up empty handed this year, and they have been letting on to some new concept ideas, that have been spilling out from various tuning shops. In this segment we are going to show all of you great Ford fans out there, that the 2013 Focus ST is more than a good looking Econo-box on wheels. For 2013 Ford, went all out with the design of their new Focus, and Focus ST models. Of course both models are one and the same, with the difference between them being the power output, and as the day is long, the Focus ST was slotted to be this year’s Compact SEMA Star.

This year Ford clearly wanted the 2013 Focus ST to have as much of the spotlight as possible, and they assured thisTanner Faust Focus ST 2013 plan by bringing Five Ford Focus ST’s to the party. All five of these cars were remodeled, and tuned by different automotive customizing groups. The first one, is the 2013 Ford Focus ST that was designed by Ford Rally Racer himself, Tanner Faust. His Focus ST was strictly a street design, and not meant to go off-road whatsoever, but instead the look for this Focus is that of a drivable, weekend track car, that will have your 13 year old son begging you to pick him from school everyday. The Gray, Red, and Black paint scheme sets this car apart from the rest, and making those colors work is a seriously beefed up body kit. Front & Rear bumper covers, side skirts, lower Carbon Fiber lip treatments, rear diffuser, low profile upper rear, spoiler, tow hook, and a set of 19” custom Red, and Black wheels. The words Bad Ass don’t even come close to summarizing what this car is all about.

Number two on the list is a 2013 Focus ST that has been designed by Galpin Auto Sports. Yes, the same “GAS” that 2013 GALPIN Auto Sport Focus STcarried on the, “Pimp My Ride” series until the network killed the show. Well, apparently GAS doesn’t really make gaudy cars on purpose, but instead they had a meeting of the minds, and came up with a design for their Focus ST. Oddly enough, Galpin decided to make their Focus into a purpose built, street fighting rally car. With a very noticeable wide body kit, molded roof air inlet, brush guards on the lower skirts to push away any excess debris, and a set of what look like 18” Superturismo Rally wheels. Like most of the other Focus ST’s no information about the power were given out, but what we do know is that Galpin Auto Sport has added a very big brake system, and a Methanol Fuel booster to the fuel system.

Bojix Design 2013 Focus ST Third on our list is a tuner by the name of Bojix Design. The story on Bojix is simple, they love allowing drivers of 2013 Ford Focus ST’s to be able to customize their cars as easily as possible. Their Focus sports a very simple laid back look, that pretty much says, Sleeper. Bright Orange paint scheme, coupled with an all Black hood, matching wheels, and wing makes this car the one to keep your eye on. Mainly because of the fact that we just don’t know what’s under the hood at all. Sleeper folks, Sleeper.

For our fourth inductee, we turn our attention to the Focus ST of M Enterprises. By far this MJ Enterprises SEMA Focus ST 2013Focus resembles a car that you would see at your local car show. Very clean lines, nice semi bright Tangerine Scream paint job, and then you would notice the wheels. The Cosworth Spec racing wheels, which are not cheap at all, begin to map out the overall big picture for us. It says this guy is a racer, a street fighter of sorts, and this would be proven with the proposed 330hp that’s under the bonnet.

Last but not least, Ford’s last 2013 Focus ST has been tuned, designed, and built by well known Steeda Performance Suspension group. Steeda went for the European look on their Focus. Another 2013 Focus ST by STEEDAexample of clean lines can be found on this version of the Focus ST. Shaved badges, door handles, and side marker lights help make this car look fast at any given time. All Black 19” wheels help hide the upgraded G-Trac suspension, and Brembo big brake kit.


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