Bismoto Hyundai Elantra

SEMA 2012. The Bismoto Elantra GT. Big Power In A Small Package.

Published October 26, 2012

Bismoto CRZ SEMA 2011In the world of automotive tuning, there are few times where something astounding happens. You may hear of an already high powered car like a GTR being tuned to the tune of over 1500hp, and think to yourself, “Damn, where do you get all of the power from?” I myself who loves to follow tuning trends, still has a bit of a “Duh” moment when I see these astronomical numbers, but usually it comes down to a few things. They are time, patience, flawless working equipment, and a kick ass team, that never quits.

So, you may be thinking, “Nice intro, so why are we here?” Here’s why, a tuning group by the name of Bismoto, has been making monsters out of hamster like cars for years, and they Turbonetics Turboreached into a box full of small car names, and then pulled one out. The name they pull out will be the car they build for the 2012 SEMA Show, and that car was a Hyundai Elantra. Once the word got out that, the Bismoto team were going to bring a Hyundai to SEMA, some people who don’t know them laughed, while others just stood back, and applauded. For what a lot of people don’t realize is, Bismoto prides themselves on making something out virtually nothing. Their challenge was to make as much power as possible with a tiny little 1.8L four cylinder engine that barely makes 148hp, and still dominate the show. Best believe this goal would be accomplished.

The Bismoto Elantra GT started off in the shop like all cars do at Bismoto, gutted, and stripped. Bismoto Hyundai ElantraBeing that power was the main focus here, the engine was pulled and then taken apart to the point where parts were now being kept in Zip-lock bags. The team began replacing internal prats such as cams, lifters, bearings, and piston rods, and cylinder heads. Blue printing the motor was a necessity at this point to see where, and how the soon to become immense amount of power would affect the weak points in the engine. Moving further down the build, we find that the Bismoto Elantra GT, has been blessed with an upgraded manifold, a Spearco inter-cooler, a water/methanol kit, (I still don’t know what it’s for.) and an EMS system controller. Throw some 100 Octane in her guts, and she started purring like a kitten. After all of the power adders were in place, the car was taken to the dyno for testing, and proper tweaking, and the final numbers came out as the Bisomoto Elantra GT now makes 600whp, and over 490lb feet of torque. These numbers are simply bananas, but this is how Bismoto does it. They make something out of nothing, and to complete the Elantra, the team came up with an Electric Blue, & Black paint scheme with a cool looking racing graphic vinyl wrap for the sides. The exterior was finished off with a set of Buddy Club 18” wheels, and a complete role cage was installed for the times where somebody is going to be dared to take this car to the track, and then you know all Hell is going to break loose. Well at least in a good way, I hope. 

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