SEMA Fisker Karma 2012

SEMA 2012. The Fisker Karma Wraps It Up At SEMA.

Published October 26, 2012

Fisker Karma 3MAutomaker Fisker has been doing pretty well with their luxury hybrid flagship car the Karma. With it’s long Maserati-ish style bonnet, and snippet of a rear end the Karma has been winning over crowds slowly but surely. The only real, and main stream issue that a car of this caliber has to deal with is, the lack of buyers who can actually afford this type of car.

For the most part there are only two real competitors in the luxury hybrid car market, and they are Fisker, and Tesla. Now some of you out there would disagree with me, andFisker Karma 2012 say that I failed to mention other manufacturers, such as Lexus, Porsche, and even Ferrari. Well the problem with that statement would be is that, Ferrari is still trying to complete development on their High Powered Hybrid, Porsche is in the same boat, and Lexus/Toyota has been doing this for so long that, they don’t need the sales of their luxury hybrids to sustain them. So, this is why this so called High Priced Hybrid battle still goes on between Fisker, and Tesla.

With that said, Fisker needed a way to get their names back out on the streets again, and what better way to do so, than take advantage of the upcoming SEMA Show. Now, we have seen what a Fisker Karma looks like, and what a “tricked out” version of it looks like, and pretty much it’s nothing really you want to stare at for any elongated period of time. Under no uncertain terms, does Fisker want to disappoint the crowds that will SEMA Fisker Karma 2012be flocking through the halls of the SEMA Show this year, and for good reason. Fisker will have not one, but three(3) Extended-Range Karmas on display at this years SEMA Show. Fisker got together with 3M to profile some exterior enhancements that can be had by any owner of a Karma, or any other car for that matter. It was speculated that 3M’s role at the booth will be to show the world the advantages of using a vinyl wrap, instead of actual paint.

During the time when the SEMA Show takes place 3M will laying down different colored wrap patterns, and color schemes so as to show the diversity in how wrapping a car can be way more cost effective, as opposed to repainting one. There will be multiple themes, that will cover the Fisker Karmas, and change as the days go Fisker Karma SEMA 2012buy. Patriot, Hot Rod, Moving Forward, are just a few names to look for when you go by the booth. As an added treat, 3M will work with DUB Magazine in displaying the process of chroming a set of 22” Circuit Blade wheels that will also be fitted to the Karma. 

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