2015 Ford Mustang RTR

2015 Ford Mustang RTR Boasts 725 Horsepower

We’ve Got All The Details On The 2015 Mustang RTR!

Updated September 25, 2018

Every year the entire automobile industry waits for SEMA with anticipation of what manufacturers and tuners will release. This year, one we really loved was the 2015 Ford Mustang RTR which has quickly gained a lot of popularity considering it has only been around for 5 years. There will be RTR spec 1 and spec 2 packages, all based on the 2015 Mustang.

The 2015 Mustang RTR Specs!

2015 Mustang RTR 1

Both spec packages for the Mustang RTR will have similar exterior features such as chin spoiler, rear spoiler, rear diffuser with side splitters, rocker splitters, upper grill with integrated lighting as well as lower grill. The new adjustable amperes, sway bars, and lowering springs are features only available for Spec 2 car. Magnaflow makes sure the new RTR Mustang will get the muscle car sound it should have with exhaust developed specifically for this car.

2015 Mustang RTR 2

Let’s get to what we really care about, power of the beast. RTR made it clear early that there is an optional supercharger and cold air intake. The Mustang RTR has a  5.0-liter v8 that pushes 725 horsepower with the supercharger.

2015 Mustang RTR 3

2015 Mustang RTR 4

Official pricing has not been announced but the 2015 Mustang RTR will be available beginning this January at select dealers worldwide.

2015 Mustang RTR 5

2015 Mustang RTR 6



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