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Shanghai-VW has bribery accusations thrown its way

Published December 14, 2010

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From CBU Auto:

HANGHAI Top executives of Shanghai-Volkswagen are suspect of corruption involving ¥142 million ($20.88 million), reports Jingji Guancha Bao or Economic Observer.According to a letter signed by five senior executives who work under the Shanghai Automotive Industry (Group) Corp. (SAIC) circulating on the Internet since September, several former and current executives of Shanghai-Volkswagen, including former president Liu Jian (killed in a test drive accident on July 17) and his successor, current president Zhang Hailiang, allegedly took large sums of briberies from suppliers, contractors, corporate training and advertising.

The two reporters of Economic Observer tried to contact the five informants but only received response from Wang Hongyan, senior manager of marketing at Shanghai-Volkswagen. Wang declined to respond directly during a telephone interview on November 30, but said this is not a personal issue and please contact the public relations department for further information.

The five people who signed the public letter were Wang Xiaoqiu, former vice president of SAIC Passenger Cars; Yu Qionggen of SAIC-IVECO-Hongyan; Gu Yudi of SAIC Passenger Cars; Wang Hongyan of Shanghai-Volkswagen; and Ling Xiaowei who is a family member of a Shanghai-Volkswagen employee.

The public letter claimed that the real situation is far more serious.

Economic Observer said a Shanghai-Volkswagen responsible person denied the accusation. A Shanghai-Volkswagen insider told Economic Observer that the company had reported the allegation to the public security bureau, but this has not yet been confirmed by Shanghai-Volkswagen.

Earlier in October, Chen Zhixin, SAIC executive vice president and general manager of SAIC Passenger Cars, reportedly was investigated for alleged economic crime. But the news was flatly denied by the SAICs public relations department.

Economic Observer notices that many of the circulated articles and the public letter about the corruption charge have been removed from the Internet.




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