Shelby GT350R Is The “Trackiest” Mustang Ever

Published January 12, 2015

No rear seats! Check. Manual Gearbox! Check. Carbon Fiber wheels! Check. No, we are not talking about the GT3  track car or about some crazyass European lightweight speed machine without a roof. We are talking about the musclecar – about the Mustang we have been waiting for 50 years.


This is the Shelby GT350R Mustang and it is so track-ready that it counts calories on the gas station when it needs a fill up. Thanks to the removal of the stereo, navigation, fire extinguisher, rear seats, carpets, trunk floor and some other crazy stuff, this Mustang is 130 pounds lighter in comparison with the GT350 Track Pack Mustang revealed earlier. The effort Shelby went through to create this car is so amazing that we have to say this one will be on par with the best European sports cars there are. The amount of performance upgrades is simply astonishing.


Aerodynamic features have been looked into very seriously. The Shelby GT350R Mustang received a new hood vent so the flat plane crankshaft V8 can breath as healthy as it sounds. Other new features include a large back diffusor, vented wheel wells, side skirts and a large carbon fiber back spoiler. All of this made the Mustang much more track ready than before. The downforce has been enhanced greatly thus making it suitable for high speed cornering and thanks to that large back difusor, the stability at the high speed has been also improved.


It is clear we aren’t habituate to talk about the high speed cornering when mentioning Mustang, but this one is different. With independent suspension, 19-inch carbon fiber wheels, 6 speed manual transmission and Torsen Limited slip differential, the Shelby GT350R is the closest thing to a race car that can actually go on the road as well. The main idea about it is to provide the drivers with a car with which they can go to work and drop in on the track while coming back home.


Apart from lightening the car, the GT350R is powered by the rather impressive 5,2 liter V8 engine delivering 500 HP and 542 Nm of torque. Although we do not have any idea about the performance, it is not hard to guess that this might be the fastest new Mustang on the market. With large tires, wonderful Torsen differential with a special cooler and an updated exhaust, the Shelby GT350R becomes a car that the Europeans will like. We would like to see it on track against the mighty M3, C63 AMG, or even against some Porsches. It is clear, it’ll dominate the tracks in America, but it might just start off with racing on the most demanding American race tracks – the drag strips. With some additional modifications such as a supercharger and a better cooler, this lightweight machine could be a formidable player on any drag strip. We actually already know that the 5.0 Mustang can go under ten seconds when slightly modified. We are sure Shelby will do the same.


Although the Shelby GT350R comes without any luxurious amenities, the Electronic Package (which is available for a small fee) brings dual climate control, 8-inch touchscreen and navigation, a seven speaker audio system, turn signal mirrors and some equipment. This, however, brings the weight up, so if you are a real gearhead, you know that the right racecar is the one without climate control or any other luxurious feature.


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