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Should You Believe Your Service Tech Its Time to Replace Your Car’s Shocks ?

Updated October 2, 2013

Bump , bump , bump driving down the road.   Is it time to replace those shock absorbers ( the set are referred to as “shocks”) or not ?  When should shock absorbers and other components of modules of your truck , car or crossover Sport Utility Vehicle be replaced ?  Miles , time or rock and roll symptoms while driving ?  Do you listen to your auto dealership service adviser tech , local trusted auto mechanic and perhaps suffer needless auto repair bill cost shock.  What a quandary and conundrum .

No Reason in 2012 To Suffer Rock & Roll While Driving in Small Import Cars:

To begin with while cars overall have gotten smaller even if you are driving a South Korean or Japanese Mazda “econobox”  there is no reason to suffer in discomfort while driving.  True larger US built older , bigger ( and much less fuel efficient) vehicles drove like boats keeping you and your passengers in comfort newer cars – even though smaller and lighter – can well drive like a dream as well .  You , your passengers and cargo can still ride safe , sound and relatively bump free.

Auto Shocks Wear Out Gradually Over Times Miles & Bumps:

Overall it can be said that shows generally do not wear out all at once.  Its gradual , over time and km driven.  Your struts and shocks will gradually get weaker and weaker, until one fine day – or place on the road of automobile ownership, it will be necessary to replace them.

Symptoms of worn shocks in your car , truck or crossover-SUV’s suspension system include:

1) Excessive bouncing when your car or truck crosses over railway tracks or bumps , as well as delay in returning back to stable road worthy condition
2) The ( or your) wheel barely clear the ground when the bumper jack is raised all the way,  ( If the wheel will not clear the ground you can solve this problem temporarily simply and easily by placing  the bumper jack on a block of wood).  Yet do not ignore this apparent situation.  Your shocks need replacement.  Care to this task promptly.
3) The front fender sinks low when an average person ( about 150 lbs or  75 kg ) sits on it
4) Your automobile’s front tires show wear in the form of “pits” spaced at intervals on the tire tread or treads

 Have Your Shocks & Struts Replaced as a Set of Four Not One at a Time:

Lastly as a good rule of thumb both from professional licensed mechanics as well as factory trained new car & truck auto dealer service center technicians – replace all four shock absorbers together as a full set as opposed to one at a time or piecemeal.  Without hesitation they generally advise that its good practice and family transportation budget economy  that when you have determined that one or more shock absorbers or McPherson “struts”  are weak and need replacing , have all four replaced .  It makes sense since all have seen the same amount of driving , time , mileage and of course good bumps in the road.

Calmar McAthabasca

Athabasca as he is often called lives to work on cars and trucks.  Its a passion he says.  Known well in the Edmonton automotive industry as well as throughout Northern Alberta for his mechanic’s expertise and prowess to the extent that Mazda head office will often difficult to diagnose troublesome auto diagnostic cases to McAthabasca directly or to the home page of the Sherwood Park auto dealership where he currently hangs his hat –  and his rolling toolchest rests.  Still he says while the whole northern Alberta area has boomed with the oil rush since the time of the first oil strike at Leduc its better being being in the big city of Edmonton than the long drive to Grande Cache



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