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Sichuan Yema Does it Again – Finds Inspiration From the Lamborghini Urus

Published May 10, 2013

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Sichuan Yema, which means Mustang, are based in Chengdu city down in South West China. The company bought in Austin Rovers Maestro platform which they put into production fairly quickly two years ago, they then announced a quick round of soon to arrive concept vehicles which mimicked vehicles we had seen before from existing brands. Now the company are looking to Lamborghinis Urus concept for their latest vehicle.

Yema only has a license to produce SUV vehicles, hence their love of making enlarged vehicles to get into the SUV bracket. Lambo looks are the final part of the deal, under the hood a 1.5T Mitsubishi engine packing 105kw and 200Nm of torque is given the task of hauling the SUV along Chengdus roads.

When will it hit the market? It might not. Although Sichuan Yema have announced plenty of new cars in the past, they have yet to put any of them on the road.




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