Signature Edition GT500 Super Snake Steps In To Mark The End Of Mustang’s Fifth Generation

Published January 4, 2015

Ford Mustang is currently at the sixth generation. It was unveiled in 2013, yet the sales will begin this year. However, the car is already in production and has a lot of fans. Aside from the official version, the American manufacturer has also come up with a rare, yet hot and aggressive version – a powerful GT350 model. Basically, it has come up with two muscle cars at the same time, only one of them is more muscular than another. But as if all these were not enough, Shelby American has thought to ruin its competition even more. A special edition of the world renowned pony car is expected to hit the market. The special edition is at the fifth generation and comes to entice the muscle fans even more.


This special edition is basically a package. It is known as the Signature Edition. According to the manufacturer, this edition has become one of the best selling and most appreciated cars of the world since 2007, when it was first introduced. The new package is based on Ford Shelby GT500. It already has 850HP, which might feel a little too much for everyday streets. All in all, the new “Signature Edition” will be available for the models built between 2007 and 2014. It goes on convertibles and coupes too.


Keep in mind that only 50 of these cars will be built, so fans will probably have to fight for one. Besides, orders are accepted until January 31 only. With the current production of GT500 reaching to a successful end, Ford tried to find a way to commemorate a successful model that has dominated the muscle car industry. This is actually the reason wherefore orders and units are limited. Whoever ends up with the new Signature Edition will most likely join an elite club.


So what do you need if you are interested in a Signature Edition GT500 Super Snake? First, you need the base car. Otherwise, you cannot even sign up. Second, you need a fat bank account or an impressive savings jar. The costs are expected to be around $45,000. What do you get for this amount of money? First of all, you will get an impressive supercharger – 3.6 Kenne Bell. Second, the forged Weld rims will step in to add to the overall performance, but also to the aggressive design. The Shelby Performance cooling package is not to be ignored either, since it introduces a heat exchanger and a brand new radiator, not to mention about the more advanced rear brakes or the cooling tanks made entirely of aluminum.


The package comes with an extra airbag for the passenger. The airbag is covered in a unique Carroll Shelby decal. Hit the car and you can kiss the decal goodbye. Stripes will target the exterior, while the color depends on your personal preferences. Think twice and decide once. Finally, all these upgrades would be worthless if you could not actually test the car. Therefore, you have the opportunity to give it a shot and spend one day at the track.



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