Snake Eyes Serve as Drag Racing Intimidation Factor For This Mustang Convertible

Why You Need Snake Eye Headlights On Your Mustang

Updated October 29, 2018

When Todd Rupert and his wife Susan bought their 2013 California Special Edition Mustang, little did they know its purpose is gonna be much different the they first intended. Rupert originally intended it to be a retirement gift for the two. They were supposed to cruise the neon light-basked streets of Las Vegas in it. While they are still doing that, their Mustang also serves for another, much more exciting purpose.

Mustang Snake Eyes 1

Although Rupert drives it, plenty of credits for Mustang’s current looks and specs go to his wife and 6 sons. One of his sons first convinced him to try out quarter-mile drag racing. After a few 13-second try outs, Rupert was drawn into the drag madness. As for his wife’s contribution; she works as a retail manager of the Shelby American gift shop in Shelby Automotive’s main facility in Las Vegas. That way he had the opportunity to look into possible Mustang enhancements first hand. Cobra graphics, snake eyes headlights, carbon fiber  front splitter, rear diffuser, hood, and fenders are some of them.

Mustang Snake Eyes 2

Rupert’s 2013 California Special Mustang convertible was already special since day one. Only 150 such models were produced in red paint, but 5.0L Coyote V8 wasn’t enough for what he had in store for the car. This is where Frank Yee of Voodoo Racing Innovations enters the story. He strengthened Ford‘s stock engine by adding Manley rods, JE pistons, Ford Racing crankshaft, and custom cams. That’s far from all. He also added a D-S1C Stage II ProCharger, intercooler, and upgraded fuel management system. Finally, Snow Performance methanol system and small nitrous package were mashed together for additional track boost.

Mustang Snake Eyes 3

With boosted engine in place, snake eyes Mustang convertible was now ready for the upgraded chassis. That part of the car was mostly completed at home. Rupert and his sons managed to install Steeda adjustable upper control arms, Eibach lower control arms, and Eibach R2 Multi-Pro Kit. Then, there’s Axle Exchange custom aluminum driveshaft which continues on stock 6R80 six-speed automatic transmission and custom torque converter.

Mustang Snake Eyes 4

Interior has been modified to some extent as well. Rupert’s snake eyes Mustang now has Recaro race seats and corresponding harnesses, together with the six-point roll bar matching the green exterior details. That’s pretty much it for the interior, apart from A pillar-mounted trio of custom gauges. Outside, California Special red was complemented by cobra vinyls in black and green, and unmistakable snake eyes headlamps. In fact, so much attention to detail has been put into making of this car, that the viper theme continues under the hood as well.

Mustang Snake Eyes 5

Last custom pieces of this intimidating muscle are its floaters. 275 Mickey Thompson Drag Radials can be found on all four corners. While rear wheels are 15-inch SVE black five-spokes, front ones are 17-inch units which allow some breathing space to the green (again matching) Brembo calipers. Todd Rupert has won the Pony Wars class of Muscle Cars at the Strip event twice, in 2015 and 2016. His best quarter-mile time is 10.39 at 133 mph, but he’s aiming at 9 second runs in the future. He’ll need additional help from Frank Yee for that, however. Until then, Las Vegas neon lights will continue to reflect upon the surface of this snake eyes Mustang convertible.

Mustang Snake Eyes 6


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