Someone Crashed Their Bugatti Chiron

Published November 28, 2016

Since the car’s debut at the Geneva Auto Show back in February the entire automotive world has been talking about the Bugatti Chiron. Rightfully so, the successor to the insane Veyron was bound to be gorgeous, expensive, and powerful. Unfortunately, as with pretty much any car ever sold to the public; someone had to go and crash it.

With a 1,500 horsepower quad-turbo W-16 engine propelling the monstrous Chiron to 60mph in just 2.5 seconds we shouldn’t be surprised someone managed to lose control. No matter how many modern-day safeguards are put in place there will always be someone, somewhere who disregards every bit of caution and just stomps the accelerator.


The image above was originally posted to the GTBoard Facebook page where no other information about the incident could be found. Eventually, German magazine Bild was able to get word from Bugatti regarding the crash. Manuela Hohne, a spokeswoman for Bugatti, states “The driver was unfortunately a little inattentive, which is why the car landed in the road ditch. Fortunately nobody was hurt.” At first one might think “a little inattentive” is quite the understatement, but when someone has that much money and are wanting to show off their latest car I’m sure it doesn’t take much to lose track of what is going on around them.

Regardless of HOW or even where this accident happened, I’m sure it won’t be cheap for the owner to repair. After all, something is hanging from the front of the car and it’s being manhandled by a forklift. With a price starting around $2.5 million, this definitely won’t be and average call to their local state farm office. Hopefully, the forklift was only used to pull the Chiron out of the ditch and not because the car has a mechanical malfunction.

I guess this proves that Mustang drivers aren’t the only ones prone to crash. When a vehicle has more power than your average Honda Civic, anything can happen. Lucky for everyone involved, no one was injured and I’m sure Bugatti will be more than happy to cash this owner’s weekly paycheck for some repairs.


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