2013 Subaru Tribeca, 2013 Tribeca, Subaru Tribeca

Space Car, Not Quite – The 2013 Subaru Tribeca

Published October 9, 2012

2013 Subaru Tribeca, 2013 Tribeca, Subaru Tribeca

Remember how they said that we would have flying vehicles by now? Well, maybe that hasn’t come into fruition just yet, but stepping inside the 2013 Subaru Tribeca, you might think otherwise. It has such a sleek interior – and I know, I’ve been in one – that it resembles what we think of a spaceship. The 2013 Subaru Tribeca is actually the fourth year model and it only seems to improve – and increase in price – as it progresses.


On the outside the 2013 Subaru Tribeca has received a bit of an upgrade, it now features 18” alloy wheels and has received what we call a conventional – read boring – grille. You can expect that your 2013 Subaru Tribeca will come with standard fog lights and heated side mirrors. If you are a skier or traveler, you can add the optional roof rack on. I particularly like the roof rack because you can adjust it to meet your needs. The bars go both horizontally or vertically with ease.


The engine in this 2013 Subaru Tribeca is a 3.6L V6 with an output of 256 horsepower. It features a standard automatic transmission with five speeds. Independent rear and front suspensions are standard as is its all-wheel drive capability.

Subaru Tribeca Interior, 2013 Subaru Tribeca


The interior of the vehicle is referred to as a cockpit, which is kind of fitting considering its space-age look. It is rounded, not rectangular which adds to its allure. Plus, it is trimmed with metal overlay further giving it that spaceship look. It has the capability of seating seven, but in all honesty, the third row is a bit cramped – I would only consider putting smaller children – think ages 7-10 – back there. However, the good thing is that the second row can slide forward to make room for the third row passengers, so there is a glimmer of hope.

In addition, the standard features that come with most Subaru vehicles include:

  • Power seats
  • Steering Wheel audio controls
  • Dual zone air conditioning control

If you desire more – you can add on a rear camera for backing up as well as a navigational system. The navigational system is not really recommended. As a Subaru owner myself, I can tell you that when you use the navigation – you can’t use any of the other infotainment package items, which kind of belies the purpose. Use your GPS or Smart Phone for your navigational needs.


The main thing that draws me to the Subaru vehicles is their penchant for creating vehicles that exceed safety recommendations. With small children, it is important for the car to be as safe as it is roomy and convenient. The 2013 Subaru Tribeca comes with standard safety features including:

  • Traction control
  • 6 Airbags – side impact airbags are available in the front and curtain airbags are included for the first and second row passengers. There are no airbags for the third row.
  • Antilock brakes
  • Electronic stability system

Overall Impression

While I love the features that are included with the car and the optional add-ons, I believe that the price is a bit of a discouragement – it starts at $32,595. There are other vehicles out there that offer more for less.



Calvin Escobar
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