Spanish Police Catch Up With Fake Lamborghini And Ferrari Shop

Published February 18, 2017

The law caught up with a shop in Girona, Spain which was creating and selling counterfeit Ferraris and Lamborghinis. According to a video uploaded by RT, three individuals were arrested and a whopping 18 cars were discovered. Among the 18, four were fake Ferraris ready to hit the market with the remaining 14 still under construction. The shop came on the police radar after they posted one of their cars online that was going for $43,000.

These vehicles were fitted with fiberglass Lamborghini and Ferrari body kits with the engine being that of a Toyota. However, we also spotted a Peugeot engine as well in the video. We’re not sure of the crime; whether the shop’s goal was to get the fakes recognized as genuine Italian supercars or if they intended to sell them as original brand cars.

With the cars being up for sale on the web, it meant the buyers would only see the car photos online. It’s safe to say that, just by the number of vehicles found in the garage, buyers with an eye for shortcuts, were lining up to spend thousands of dollars on some of the “slickest Toyotas” in Spain.




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