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SSR Motorsports’ Product Lineup Gets Some Additions

In 2018 China Car Times was acquired by Autowise. This article originally appeared on

Founded by brothers Dennis Li and William over 15 years ago, SSR Motorsports has always been on the rise. With around 250 dealers and a strong presence in the US, theyre looking to even go much further in terms of growth. Since the companys establishment, William headed the US distribution while Dennis was the lead in the China production plant with pit bike sales being their brand pitch. After buying Dennis Lis shares of the business in 2008, William did away with the SSR Chinese factory and gave another company in China the manufacturing contract which employed the former staff from the SSR plant to ensure they retained the same quality like before.

Willian began expanding the lineup after the acquisition with the first additions being ATVs, scooters and dune buggies. Then later on in 2013, the dune buggies and ATVs got replaced by UTVs and dual sports bikes. SSR in 2015 became the exclusive US distributors of Benelli motorcycles and made additions such as the V-twin Buccaneers 250cc street bike, the 250cc Snake Eyes bobber, and the 125 cc Razkull street bike to their fold. The 15 years of operation has seen them build a 250-dealer network which includes some of the top dealers such as Hattiesburg Cycles and Logan Powersports.

Having had tremendous success with the SSR model additions he made to their lineup some few years ago in Logan, Logan Powersports Group Principal, Mike Ratz, again added the models in Route 119 Powersports located in Danville around six months ago. Mel Harris (VP of operations at SSR Motorsports) frequently gets prospective dealers to have a chat with Logan Motorcycles General Sales Manager-Shawnda Mercer when theyre looking to join the herd.

Harris reiterates that the products are good and theyve sold hundreds of them especially the kids motorcycles as they hold up fine for the young ones. Harris further adds that SSR best sellers are the pit bikes with Ratz stating his dealership generations get facilitated by the small cc bikes. Shawnda Mercer says that when it comes to quality, shes always at ease as she can sell an SSR to a family without the fear of it getting returned and in the case of any return, its usually for maintenance purposes.

Harris reiterates that all the Benelli and SSR models get manufactured in China with quality control being assured from the factory up to the time it reaches the dealership. According to Mercer and Ratz, dealers love the margin and pricing as its much easier to sell a 50cc bike for $440 to a family compared to the sale of a competitors bike which goes for three times SSRs price.

By the time 2017 ends, SSR hopes to have expanded their dealer network by 100 new dealers. SSR was already on this path in early February as a dozen of dealers had come on board with others starting the application process. Among SSRs addition plans this year, are the youth ATV models and Benelli models.


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