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Stance In The Tuner Scene. Pt.1

There’s a familiar word that’s being used in, on, and around the tuner scene lately, and it seems to be a growing phenomenon. The word you may ask? Stance.

Gearheads.orgThe tuner scene has been around for decades now, and it stretches as far back to when in the 80’s the Japanese were sliding cars up, and down the hairpin filled hills in Osaka. You fast forward a bit into the early 90’s and the tuner scene reached American shores where Honda was King.

Everybody, and their mother owned a Honda, or well owned a Civic to be exact. There was a point in time where Red Honda Civics were THE most coveted car on the road. There were dozens of aftermarket companies vying for the attention of every 15-21 year old male who either had a garage, or knew somebody with one. Body kits, clear taillights, under car LED lighting, loud speakers, big rims, annoying exhaust notes, cheesy leather, Lambo doors, and lowered suspension. These were all, key items that made your Civic stand out in a crowd, but now all of that has changed.

If we could revisit our word of the day for a moment, and then try to understand what has pretty Gearheads.orgmuch, and almost taken over the entire tuner community. Stance by Webster’s Dictionary is as follows: “The position or bearing of the body, while standing.” Kinda vague don’t ya think? Well, let’s redefine it. Stance, the position one person takes when not moving. Sounds better right? Now how do we apply this to a car? Follow me on this for a second. STANCE (Automotively Speaking): the way your car, or truck presents itself when it’s not moving. Example; “The wheels you pick are crucial in achieving the perfect stance.” Aaahh, you get it now! Cool. So, now we can move further into this subject, and have a little fun with it too.

Gearheads.orgOK, for those of you who were young during the 1990’s and a R34 Skyline was the Holy Grail for you, you may want to pay attention to this part. As great as the Skyline is, nowadays just about any car can be, and will be tuned, tweaked, fiddled with, or modified. The tuner scene is no longer JDM dominant, with a good dose of Domestic rides, and dusting of European Tomfoolery. Now the tuner scene is littered with BMW’s, Volvo’s, Volkswagons, and even the occasional Merc can be found draggin’ it’s ass around the neighborhood. But of course, JDM is usually the nationality of choice when it comes down to choosing a car that utilizes the perfect Stance.









Now from what I’ve gathered, in order to achieve Stance you have a few Gearheads.orgoptions. The “Low Budget” option which is cut, or lowered springs, and then messing around with the camber of the car. The next step would be the “Good Approach”. This is when you pony up some real money for some fully adjustable suspension, bushings, tie-rods, and once again tweak the Hell out of the camber. The last, and probably the most expensive is equipping an Air Ride suspension kit, buying modified wheels & tires, performing a full camber treatment, and last but certainly not least, pulling, and rolling the fenders to achieve what’s none as the Flush look. For the most part, this sounds vaguely familiar to when we used to drop our cars back in day, but had the damnedest time trying to keep the tires flat on the ground. We would find out the hard way that, the lower you made your car, the less tire you had contacting the ground, and when you were stylin’ back in day, you couldn’t have that. No Sir!! But now, it’s the complete opposite. There are specialty made rims that allow for a specific tire that has an extremely pulled back face on it, to be mounted to that rim. To the average driver, it would look like your tire man screwed up, and is stretching the Hell out of you tire, but that’s what it is. I mean, I’ve come across a bunch of different styles of Stance where, it can become mind boggling to even begin to fathom how it’s done, and why do they even bother to do it. But you know what that’s gonna have to wait til next week. I don’t want to give it all away in one shot. So stay tuned, and keep your eyes peeled for the next installment of Stance.   


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