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Stolen Lamborghini Bursts into Flames After Pursuit

Police Pursuit in Dallas, TX, Ends with One Charred Lamborghini

Published September 6, 2017

Being a valet can be a tough job with minimal pay and crotchety customers. In Dallas, Texas one valet had a particularly bad day when two teens assaulted him during a Lamborghini heist.

The assailants, 18-year-old William Caston and 19-year-old Dez Montayevian Bell, took the Lambo on a joy ride after pummeling the valet. Unfortunately for them, supercars don’t blend in well with local traffic. A police helicopter spotted the thieves shortly after their spree began, and a pursuit ensued.

It might have taken police a while to catch up to the Lamborghini had it not broken down mid-chase. Shortly after officers arrived, the car burst into flames – like something out of a movie. Officials have neither released the Lamborghini’s model information nor have they commented on what may have caused it to spontaneously combust. Italian engineering, perhaps?

As for the teens, they were arrested and booked on robbery and evasion charges. If they’ve learned anything from their escapade, it’s that they should steal a more reliable vehicle next time.

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