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Subaru Are Back In The Crossover SUV Market With The 2015 Subaru Forester TS

Updated March 4, 2015

With the arrival of 2015, Subaru brings us a new crossover SUV with the arrival of the Subaru Forester TS. TS refers to “tuned by STi” for those of you who do not know STi (Subaru Tecnica International) is Subaru’s performance division and if history has anything to teach us it is that when STi stick their hands into the mix magic tends to happen. Crossovers are appealing to most people and sales show it so naturally people are going to copy a good design. Over recent years the automotive industry has been growing the crossover SUV in a big way, but Subaru was one of the first with the release of the Forester to the Japanese public in 1997. Designed largely with the Impreza in mind the Forester takes the performance and handling of a sports car and the spaciousness and functionality of an SUV and combines them to make a practical vehicle that’s most importantly fun to drive.

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With the TS the Forester has been given a whole new facelift. The 2015 Forester boasts a more sporty appearance to accompany its sporty appeal. The cherry red pinstripe on the grill is a nice touch. The interior is spacious and comfortable for all passengers with red trimming to contrast the iconic blue of the body. Perfect for the whole family, the Forester has always been a car designed with practicality in mind. Want to take the kids camping, Subaru Forester perfect; need a carpool vehicle, perfect; need to de-stress by murdering gravel under rubber and creating ominous dust clouds in your wake, perfect.

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Under the hood, however things get a tad disappointing. It just begs the question; Why not put a WRX STi engine in her? Instead, Subaru went with a 280 horsepower 2.0-liter flat-4 boxer turbocharged petrol engine that will reach a top speed of 155 Mph and will go from 0-60 Mph in a modest 7 seconds. But it would be great to see the Forester upgraded with an engine from WRX STi, perhaps in future models and maybe then the Forester may find itself flying sideways, round a hairpin with 305 horsepower gurgling and churning while tyres screech with blissful agony. One can certainly dream of the future and perhaps Subaru will be so gracious as to oblige us with a power upgrade in future Forester models, but as for today 155 Mph is certainly fast enough to have a little fun. The gearbox regrettably only comes in an automatic, leaving little room for imagination, yet in today’s world the growing demand for automatic transmission systems is on the rise in a huge way but that is another matter in and of it.

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Despite having an automatic transmission it is an AWD vehicle and that means she handles like a charm on and off the road. Not to mention the suspension has been tweaked by STi. Although off-roading is not where the Forester TS is most at home, she will get you through the rough terrains of the off-road life better than most, after all Subaru are the rally masters.

2015 subaru forester ts Back

300 Forester TS’s are said to be going into actual production and exclusively for the Japanese market so unlucky to those who wish to buy one outside of japan. But with the exclusive automatic gearbox and ’could be better’ engine it may not be so bad waiting for future Forester models.

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