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Subtly Changed 2017 BMW 4 Series Is A Step In The Right Direction

It seems BMW has a SWAT team when it comes to doing subtle redesigns. This is the 2017 BMW 4 series and the BMW M4. It looks much the same as before, with tweaks so subtle we’ve struggled to find them in the attached pictures. However, after some time of comparing pre-facelift model pics with the new ones, some striking differences emerged. New lights have an even more aggressive look (full LED units now). The bumper isn’t as goofy as before. Rear lights have a somewhat organic look to them thanks to LED inserts. And the rear apron got a slightly different shape.

Interestingly, BMW cars from the E90 3 series generation to this date have not been receiving radical facelifts. The 4 series falls in the same ballpark as it continues with much the same look closely related to what designers had been doing four years ago. Apart from subtle cosmetic tweaks, BMW introduced new Sunset Orange and Snapper Rocks Blue finish. Fresh wheel design comes with every trim too – the Advantage, Sport Line, Luxury, and M Sport.

The inside benefits from tenuous changes as well. In the cosmetic department, BMW fiddled with the air went shape, new leather upholstery, and control panels on the doors as well. Actually, BMW report electroplated finish on some of the buttons and more chrome for the climate and radio controls. You can’t go wrong with a little bit of bling, can you!?

Depending on the trim level and the package chosen, some cosmetic changes can be found in other parts of the cabin too (like on the steering wheel, center console and other).

The most obvious and most notable change inside may prove to be the updated infotainment system. Apparently, BMW figured out even more fancy ways of doing the infotainment thing. Hopefully, it’s even faster and easier to use.

Moving to the really important stuff now. The dampers aren’t the same. The steering apparently changed and the car got a new sporty vibe. It had that before, we presume, but BMW chiseled it a bit for the new model year. Opting for 430 or more will get one a standard M Sport package and a chance to fit high-performance tires to the car straight from the factory. With it, the 4 series would shine to new heights of sports refinement especially important for Coupe models.

However, if top spec performance tickles your box go full in and point to the M4 (Coupe, Convertible, Gran Coupe or whatever). BMW M4 got much the same changes for 2017. Sure, it comes fully loaded with fancy stuff and 20-inch wheels even. The three-liter continues in the same breath. 425hp on tap with 444hp available when one tick Competition Package option. In fact, more powerful machine in the works right now – it’ll be the M4 CS.

2017 BMW 4 series and all its iteration will reach the US in March. Apparently, BMW will introduce 31 different variants although we doubt all will reach the US.


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