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Supercharged KTM 520 - Hazan Motorworks 1

Minimalist Supercharged KTM 520 By Hazan Motorworks

You’ve Never Seen A Supercharged KTM 520 Like This!

Master builder Max Hazan is back – this time, the bike wizard has pulled the covers off of an incredible supercharged KTM 520. That’s right, she’s supercharged. Now, Hazan Motorworks often bring us beautiful motorcycles that look more like rolling sculptures than fully functional machines but they’re not show pieces. They are bikes that are meant to be ridden, but Max is the first one to admit that practicality is the least of his concerns. In fact, for this build he has pre-emptively given a trigger warning to his critics: “It’s just something that has two wheels and was fun to make,” he explained. “There was no intention of making something practical.” And we’re glad about that.

Max Hazan’s Awesome Supercharged KTM 520

Supercharged KTM 520 - Hazan Motorworks 1 Supercharged KTM 520 - Hazan Motorworks 2

As you can probably tell, there’s not a lot of KTM left on this build. In fact, the only real KTM part left behind is the KTM 520 single cylinder engine – but even that got a serious overhaul. As the title implies, the Austrian engine is now force fed by a monster of a supercharger that allows the engine to produce an impressive 85 horses at the crank. While the engine and its new supercharger is all very exciting, it’s the other features of this build that really caught our eye. Forget the horsepower for a moment and take a look at some of this supercharged KTM 520’s more intricate details.

Supercharged KTM 520 - Hazan Motorworks 6 Supercharged KTM 520 - Hazan Motorworks 5

The wheels are an obvious place to start. These bizarre units are fully custom jobs that utilizes flangeless hubs and an unorthodox asymmetrical lacing, with the rear wheel sporting a particularly daring arrangement. The spokes are one thing, but the rear wheel’s brake arrangement is almost heresy in some circles. But there’s not a lot on this bike that’s traditional, from the foot clutch to the tank shifter, so nothing seems out of place.

Supercharged KTM 520 - Hazan Motorworks 7 Supercharged KTM 520 - Hazan Motorworks 8

In terms of suspension, the supercharged KTM 520 now boasts a bespoke springer arrangement that was intricately machined from stock chromoly. It sounds heavy (and it is) but since the bike is very minimalist in terms of bodywork – with only a hand-built gas tank made from 6061 aluminum, a wooden saddle, and chrome fenders – but you’ll be surprised to learn that all in, it has an overall weight of only 245 pounds (wet).

Supercharged KTM 520 - Hazan Motorworks 3 Supercharged KTM 520 - Hazan Motorworks 4

So there you have it: a fearsome supercharged KTM 520. Is it practical? Not at all. Is it road legal? Certainly not. Is it a blast to ride? According to Mr. Hazan: “It is what it is—something I wanted to make for the sake of making something. It goes and stops and puts a smile on my face.” Surely that’s the primary function of a custom motorcycle, right?


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