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Superman Rider Arrested For Riding Like An Idiot

Take A Look At This Not-So Superman

So, if you want to show off on public roads, filming it probably isn’t the wisest of ideas. Unfortunately, this rider had to learn that lesson the hard way after footage of him riding his bike like Superman emerged online. And caught the attention of the local traffic police. Filming yourself getting up to no good is one thing, and we don’t need to preach to the choir – but if you do feel like performing a little stunt on public roads, and you really, really want to film it, even though you know that the police are going to come knocking…make sure your bike was at least road legal in the first place…and having a proper license is probably a good idea too. This guy just got it all wrong.

Superman Motorcyclist Gets Arrested For Being An Idiot

Superman Rider 1

“Play stupid games, win stupid prizes,” right? This Brazilian motorcyclist didn’t get the memo. The unnamed 24-year-old rider decided that it would be a supremely good idea to go for a ride on the BR-153 road near Anápolis in the Brazilian State of Goiás in a rather unorthodox way. It might not look like a massive crime, but this guy was pretty dumb, so he deserves whatever punishment he gets…

Superman Rider 2

To get the stupidity ball rolling, he decided to adopt and unusual riding position: the Superman. Using nothing but his head to steer his bike, with no easy access to the foot hand controls, you can understand why other road users were a little unhappy his riding style. Next, he wasn’t wearing a regulation or safety approved helmet – which is pretty dumb when you’re not planning on riding properly. Thirdly, he overtook other traffic whilst in the Superman position – which is a particularly brave/stupid feat to perform on a little Honda Cub – endangering other road users. And to top it all off, he was riding with no plates, and no license. Oh, and he was caught on camera too…and it went viral.

Superman Rider 3

Naturally, the police picked it up pretty quickly and were able to unmask our Superman wannabe. He hasn’t been formally appeared before the courts yet, but he’s probably going to get a bit more than a slap on the wrist. But this isn’t the first time that the Superman riding style has made the news. Last year, cyclist Michael Guerra was filmed performing a similar stunt on his bicycle…and the video went viral – it was a publicity stunt attached to a bike shop in Italy’s Rimini, which is famous for its viral video ad campaigns. This idiot below, however, had no such affiliation. Take a look…


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