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Supra-Sized 2JZ Stuffed 975-HP Taco

Toyota Tacoma Possessed with a Supra Soul

What happens when you throw a 3.0-Liter 2JZ-GTE Supra engine into a 2-door Tacoma? You get a 975-horsepower Taco of your dreams. Running E85 with a single turbo, this bad boy gets upwards of 160MPH and does a quarter mile in 8.212 seconds. This Taco made that particular run this year at Drag Week 2017, after its engine ran in its original Supra the year before. Getting those numbers was no easy feat however, as they blew the engine on the first pass, and underwent some major repairs before getting the run times they intended.

At first you see the chute strapped on back and the turbo poking out of the grille, and you have to ask yourself, what is this thing going to do? A closer look shows this team is not messing around. A new solid rear axle and suspension work completed the swap. The finished 3,000 lb. minitruck cost the team around $1,000 to begin with, and now they do not have to worry about wrecking their favorite Supra.

Yes, while this swap has been done before, and we love to see them, there has to be some reason for the madness. After all, they were already getting 8.3 seconds in the original Supra set up before all that work. This swap can be chalked up to money, safety, and the love of Supras. Even though this loud and proud Toyota mashup didn’t succeed in its first run, the team came back ready for action and topped their numbers with the fastest run yet.

Check out the video below to hear it for yourself.



Calvin Escobar
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