Survive On the Track with This Motor Bike

Updated September 25, 2018

The Motoped Survival Bike is one the coolest, sickest bikes that have been created and ready to sell to the mass market of motor bike enthusiasts. With the exterior of a machine gun, or some kind of other piece of military garb, this bike was meant for safety, speed, and uniqueness. Even if you are going to be riding this bike through the worst road conditions possible, the safety pack includes so many features that are meant to keep you safe and secure during your journey.


What Are Some of the Features?

There are so many features that come inside of the safety pack that make the Motoped Survival Bike the perfect bike for those who love the great outdoors. The features that come with this multi-faceted bicycle are:
● a crossbow
● a harpoon
● a one-gallon gas pack
● a survival shovel
● a tomahawk
● a harpoon
● a fixed blade saw
● a lighting system
● a knife and light combination device
● carabiners and a mountain climbing rope
● a flashlight
● a multifunctional knife
● two different multi-tools
● a neck knife
● and, lastly, a bike mount for you to place your Smartphone


These different tools that come with the Motoped Survival Bike are for only the most skilled outdoorsy men and women. You will be able to ride this while hunting, camping, and even just mountain biking during the day. It is difficult for people who are constantly out in the wilderness to bring along multiple tools in order to have the full trip they desire. With this bike, they will have everything that they need in the safety pack–and most importantly they will have their safety insured.


Bike Background

The Motoped Survival bicycle is a utilitarian bicycle, meaning that this bike was designed to not necessarily look the coolest, but it was designed to haul goods and be a practical bike out of the market. While already having everything that is included in the safety pack already, the bike also comes with a universal rack that you can bolt down to the bike for even extra space unit to haul more stuff along, while still not being logged down because the way the bike was built is so that it remains light weight while you are riding through the mountains or snowy streets. This is a bike that was built for the survivalist who also has a strong passion for creativity. You can take away gear or add more gear whenever you want and escape to a faraway place to get away from the overwhelming city life and the daily issues that surround us. Not only was the motor bike built for long lasting survival and safety, but the Motoped Survival bike is also a limited edition Black OPs special bike, so if you are a fan of that video game and survival bikes, then the Motoped Survival Bike is for you.




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