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Suzuki & Space Travel – Colonizing The Moon By 2040?

Suzuki Are Backing Plans To Colonize The Moon In The Next Few Decades

If you were wondering why Suzuki are taking so long bringing out a turbocharged model, this might be a good reason: Suzuki are getting into space travel. Yeah, space travel, like actually going into space. While a space-capable GSX-R1000 might be exactly what we’re all hoping for, that’s not quite what Suzuki have in mind…for now at least. You see, Suzuki have just announced that they’re backing an interesting space exploration project that goes by the name of Ispace – and Ispace have a very ambitious plan to build a city on the Moon by 2040. So maybe 2040 will bring us the moon-Busas that we’ve all been waiting for?

Suzuki Space Travel? Moon ‘Busas For All!

Suzuki Space Travel 4

Probably not, but the thought of one of our favorite motorcycle manufacturers having an active hand in the human race’s intergalactic future is exciting stuff. Kawasaki already do a bit of space travel related stuff, putting satellites into space and the like, but this new venture with Suzuki and Ispace is a little more advanced. With funding from top Japanese companies like Konica Minolta, Japan Airlines, the Tokyo Broadcasting System, the Development Bank of Japan, and Suzuki, Ispace plans on turning the moon into a full blown colony.

Suzuki Space Travel 1

Here’s what Suzuki had to say in their official press release: “Suzuki has decided to fund two lunar missions announced by Ispace, inc. a private lunar exploration company. Ispace currently manages team HAKUTO, the sole Japanese team participating in the Google Lunar XPRIZE, and Suzuki has been a corporate partner with HAKUTO since July, 2016. Ispace announced on 13th December that it will spearhead two lunar missions to orbit around and land on the Moon with its self-developed lunar lander, and Suzuki will support its projects through the missions as one of co-funding companies. With the two missions as the starting point, Ispace plans to expand commercial space activities centered around lunar resources and create a sustainable living sphere beyond Earth.”

Suzuki Space Travel 2

It’s no joke either. The Japanese are taking space travel seriously, and Ispace reckon that they’ve got what it takes. We might have a new space race on our hands too, since President Trump recently revealed new plans to take American astronauts back to the Moon for the first time in years. Whatever Trump’s plans are, he’s going to have to work quickly to get ahead of Japan’s Ispace, because the company already has big plans for the near future. Here’s what the company had to say about their long term and short term goals:

Suzuki Space Travel 3

“Ispace is commercializing lunar resource development to extend human presence beyond Earth. The company currently manages team HAKUTO, the sole Japanese team participating in the Google Lunar XPRIZE. With this new funding, Ispace will continue to develop its revolutionary technology and spearhead two exploration missions to the Moon after the HAKUTO mission. Ispace has begun the development of its small, agile, and modular lunar lander to provide a regular transportation service to the Moon. Mission 1, planned for the fourth quarter of 2019, will inject the lander into the lunar orbit to conduct observation of the lunar surface. Mission 2, planned for the fourth quarter of 2020, will see the lander attempt a soft landing on the Moon, deploying multiple rovers to explore and map the surface.”

So, we’ll all be riding Suzuki motorcycles on the Moon in the next few decades then? Unlikely, but by god it would be awesome.


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