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Porsche 911 GT2 RS

Porsche has set another lap record in the world second longest Racetrack with the 911 GT2 RS

In 2017, Porsche broke a Nurburgring lap record with its 911 GT2 RS with a lap time of 6:47.30 on Nordschleife course which is the longest permanent race track in the world. However, the Lamborghini Aventador SVJ now holds the Ring record at 6:44.97. The automaker took the 911 GT2 RS to the Bend Motorsport…

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Ford Reveals Long Awaited Ranger Raptor

The Ford Ranger – everyone remembers it, but not fondly. By the time it was discontinued in the US, the Ranger had deteriorated into an outdated box on wheels. After some studying abroad, however, the Ranger is poised for a comeback. At least in Australia, where they will soon be getting a new Ford Ranger…

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Sasha Lark’s Ducati Panigale Carbon!

The Ducati Panigale is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful sportsbikes out there, but this sensational 2014 899 from Sasha Lark is a cut above the rest. Not only is it blessed with a wealth of high performance aftermarket parts, it has also undergone some serious weight reducing surgery, thanks to a healthy dose of…

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Going Out with a Bang; HSV Properly Retires the LS3

The leading performance car manufacturer in Australia, Holden Special Vehicles (HSV), will be retiring their impressive LS3 V8. Fortunately, they are ready to end this engine’s reign with three special edition vehicles. These limited edition vehicles cover most of the product range including the ClubSport R8, Maloo R8 and Grange SV. With the limited editions…

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“Bike Torque” – Top Gear On Two-Wheels? (Video)

Presented by five time MotoGP World Champion Mick Doohan, and starring supermodel Kate Peck and Charley Boorman – could this be the motorcycle world’s equivalent to Top Gear? We hope so. For some reason, Top Gear has always managed to steal the headlines, so hopefully something like “Bike Torque” can give us the regular dose…

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The Aussies Get First RHD 2016 Shelby Super Snake!

When Ford introduced the sixth generation mustang they were bent on world domination. In fact, according to Ford’s media post on April 20, the Mustang was the best-selling sports coupe in the world for 2015. Taking the title as “the only sports coupe to sell more than 100,000 units” last year is rather impressive. Now…

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The Aurora Hellfire OZ26 – A V8 “Ultrabike”

That’s right, you’re looking at a 2575cc liquid cooled DOHC V8 monster that produces an insane 417 horsepower. Is it Australian? It’s a V8, so of course it is… While it’s certainly not the first V8 powered motorcycle that we’ve seen from ‘Straya, it’s definitely well worth having a closer look at. Designed and engineered…

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Ford Has 8 Cool 2016 Models They Won’t Sell You

Mustang, Raptor, & GT are great Ford vehicles. But there are Ford models sold around the world that we can't buy here. Let's take a look at 8 of the best. One vehicle you'll note that's not on this list is the Ford Ranger. The reason for that is, at the time of this writing,…

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15 Insane Traffic Laws From Around The World

Traffic laws are pretty much standard across most of the world, but then you encounter weird regulations specific to one area. Here are 15 of our favorites. 1. DUI in Japan So apparently in Japan it is against the law to be an idiot. Who else but an idiot would you ever get in a…

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Meet ‘Pepper’ – The World’s Fastest ‘Unadulterated’ Bagger

Or at least the fastest Bagger in Australia, that’s under 2000cc. Underneath, it’s your average 2015 Road Glide Special but with a few modifications and a little bit of engineering, this machine can hit speeds of up to and over 160mph (256km/h). On a recent sunny day down at Lake Gairdner in Australia, pilot Corey…

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1970 Cuda with 528 Hemi

 When a big fish like this roles into town, you have a unanimous clinching of the sphincters. Its vicious temper and growl is enough to call a town meeting and get Roy Schneider to pee his pants a little with the thought of having to fight this beast. We here at Gearheads have to even…

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A Gearhead’s Look At Some Great Ebay Finds.

Hey, let me ask a quick question if you don't mind. How often do you come across some cool cars on Ebay, and wish that you had the money to buy them, and then drive along being happier than a pig in slop? Well, I know how you feel, and sometimes I wish for the…

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