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Motorcycle Names - GSX-R Logo

10 Crazy Myths And Facts About The Origins Of Motorcycle Names

There are more than a couple of motorcycle names out there that give us a headache. Sure, we know most of the big abbreviations – "SS" means Super Sport and we all know that sticking an "R" on the end of anything makes it go faster – but what about the rest? Motorcycles get christened…

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You’re Not A Real Honda CBR Fan Until You Own A CBR Lawnmower…

If you’re wondering what the hell we’re talking about, then read on – because the Honda CBR lawnmower is an actual real thing. Sadly, it’s only a strange concept prototype that has been put together by Honda UK to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the legendary CBR900RR, or the Fireblade as it’s more commonly called…

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Will There Be A 2018 CBR600RR After All? Patent Docs Suggest…“Maybe”

Honda has filed some interesting new patents, and it looks like we could be seeing a new 2018 CBR600RR (in some capacity) in the near future. If you think this is just another recycled “Honda’s Supercharged Patent” article that’s been doing the rounds recently, it’s not. That’s old news that has resurfaced somehow. This, however,…

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The 2017 Honda CBR1000RR Price Announced: MSRP $17k

Or $16,999 to be precise – but even with Honda’s new updates and revisions, it might be a little too pricey…especially when compared with its rivals. Put it on the track against Suzuki’s new GSX-R models, Yamaha’s R1, or Kawasaki’s ZX-10R, and the Honda is likely to come off worse... In terms of bang for…

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The 2017 Honda CBR1000RR Base Model Emerges!

Finally, the 2017 base model Honda CBR1000RR has broken cover. Recently unveiled at Milan’s EICMA trade show, we can finally see the version of the CBR that the vast majority of us will have a chance at owning… While we were very impressed with Honda’s incredible SP1 and SP2 packages, they are pretty much out…

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Finally: The 2017 Honda CBR1000RR (Apparently)

According to British magazine MCN, this is the first real sneak peek that we’re going to get of the up and coming 2017 CBR1000RR. And if we’re going to believe them and their sources (and why shouldn’t we? They’re pretty accurate most of the time) it seems like the 2017 CBR1000RR is going to have…

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Will We Say Goodbye To The Honda CBR600RR In The Next Year?

Thanks to the latest Euro4 regulations, and Honda US being unwilling to develop a new engine for the model, rumor has it that the Honda CBR600RR will be put out to pasture. Since it first arrived on the scene back in 1986, under the “Hurricane” CBR600F moniker, it has consistently impressed riders on their pursuit…

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The New Jack: ICON 1000 Katana Custom

It’s always refreshing to see a custom shop break the norm and tackle something different. As much as we love a Kawasaki café racer or a Yamaha flat-tracker,we’ve seen far too many of them recently; only the truly remarkable catches our curiosity and what we have here, is something worth looking at. It once was…

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Two Wheeled Passion

The 2012 Honda CBR1000RR

In this installment we are going to review something a little different. Something that we as drivers see basically everyday, and when we see it, we one of two things. We either pay it no mind, or mentally drool over it, as it passes us by on the road. Can you guess what I’m talking about?…

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