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1955 Porsche 550 RS - Seinfeld collection

10 Stunning Facts about the Jerry Seinfeld Car Collection

For decades now, America has had a fascination with Jerry Seinfeld. He’s not just a famous stand-up comedian, but also known for being the star of a self-titled sitcom. He’s a household name in the industry which is part of the reason Wealthy Gorilla estimates his net worth at $950 million. With all that wealth…

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Hot Celebrities – Courtney Hansen Loves Muscle Cars

What Cars Do These 15 Hot Celebrities Drive?

Here is a common summer scene almost everyone has come across. You are driving home minding whatever business you have on your mind, only to be waved down by a group of young girls showing you the way to a car wash, which is either a regular business or a charity drive of some sort.…

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JR Smith– Gurkha F5

28 Famous Car Enthusiasts And Their Celebrity Rides

Who can blame these celebs for making their childhood dreams come true? You would probably do the same if you had the opportunity. Buying an expensive super car, or a historical vintage model is on the bucket list of many people. The problem is that not everyone has enough money to do that, and we…

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