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Porsche Mission E will be one of the best hybrids 2019 is bringing our way

10 of the Best Hybrid Cars 2019 is Bringing Our Way

There's no getting around it. Hybrid and electric vehicles are slowly but steadily becoming a necessity for every automaker that wants to be taken seriously. The next couple of years before 2020 will likely be the definitive years in that regard. We have already delivered our thoughts on the best hybrid cars of 2018, and now…

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Chevrolet Malibu Hybrid

11 of the Best Hybrid Cars 2018 Has to Offer

Ever since the Toyota Prius debuted 20 years ago (can you believe it's already been that long??), hybrids have been on a steady rise. The thought that they didn't manage to fulfill their potential somehow still looms in the air, however. Even two decades after the Prius revolutionized the market, hybrid cars are still on…

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