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Lamborghini Motorcycle

The Lamborghini Motorcycle Design

Lamborghini has been doing a lot to keep the company standing out from the various competitors and with the financial backing of Audi they can do so. From the crazy concept vehicles like the Urus and Egoista it is easy to see that the designers are trying new things. With Ferrari now under the same…

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Italian Motorcycles - Cagiva V589

10 Of The Most Stunning Italian Motorcycles Ever Made

Traditionally, Italian motorcycles comes with heart stopping performance, fiery temperaments, and exotic styling, but how can you tell a good one from a bad one? Which ones are design classics? And what models should you consider for your dream garage? There are plenty of beautiful Italian motorcycles out there, but we’ve selected 10 of our…

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Laverda Museum 5

This Entire Laverda Museum Is Up For Auction!

Want an exotic Italian motorcycle? Well, why not buy 81 Laverda motorcycles at once, including the building they’re parked in! This could very well be one of the most interesting motorcycle related auctions we’ve seen – and don’t forget we were just told that EBR Motorcycles are selling everything at auction, so the competition for…

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The 2017 Aprilia RSV4: Faster Than Ever Before!

With all the hype surrounding the Japanese brands and Ducati’s 2017 plans, it’s no surprise that Aprilia were unable to grab any headlines. However, their 2017 Aprilia RSV4 package is nothing less than spectacular. And while the RSV4 has been pushed out of the lime light in favor of Suzuki’s GSX-R offerings, or Honda and…

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Relax! Audi And VW Are NOT Selling Ducati!

Over the last few days, it has been widely reported that Audi has been planning to sell Ducati. As it turns out, those reports were nothing more than speculation from the moto-press, and borderline click bait headlines. Volkswagen, the overall owners of both Audi and Ducati, are not looking to sell Ducati in a bid…

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Energica’s “Eva” Launches In California

Energica have brought their cutting edge electric motorcycles Stateside, and now have a flagship dealership in San Francisco, California. Energica have come a long way from their Modena, Italy based headquarters, opening up a UK dealership earlier on this year, and now a new branch on American soil. To celebrate the opening, Energica took their…

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The “Audi” Supersport 10R: An Audi Motorcycle Concept

It’s called the Audi Supersport 10R, and it’s an awesome design project from Italian designer Alessandro Lupo. Just to clarify though, this isn’t an official Audi concept – Audi have already had a go at motorcycle design, and they even built a prototype back in the seventies. Take a look further down to see how…

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The Energica Eva: Prices and Features Announced!

A little while ago, we introduced to the exciting electric superbike from the Italian firm Energica. We saw it again and explored the model a with a little more detail but the company was quiet on a number of issues – firstly, the battery range and charging time, and secondly, the price. Now, they’ve given…

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The Energica Ego Superbike – Finally On Sale!

After more than a couple of years of talk, setbacks and other delays, the Energica Ego super bike is finally going on sale. Energica are set to become one of the biggest players on the electric motorcycle scene, and finally they’ve found their first dealership to fly their flag. The Italian company has gone into…

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