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suzuki burgman street

Suzuki Motorcycle India to launch its first e-scooter by 2020

In an attempt of reaching its target of 7 lakh unit sales by the end of this fiscal year and 10 lakh units by 2020,  Suzuki Motorcycle India has announced that it would be expanding its sales network by adding as many as 100 exclusive dealerships and 200 touchpoints by the end of this year. For…

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Motorcycle Auctions - 1951 Vincent Black Lightning

Golden Rules Of The Motorcycle Auction House

Buying a bike from a motorcycle auction might not be the most obvious way to get some new wheels, but with careful planning and research you could land yourself a tasty bargain or unearth a rare gem. However, auction houses are daunting places for the uninitiated, so how do you get involved? Here, we’re going…

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Best Mountain Bikes - Honda RN-01

The Best Mountain Bikes For Men Made By Motorcycle Manufacturers

In the early days of motorcycling, most of the world’s most famous motorcycle makers originally built bicycles too, so it’s no wonder that some of today’s best mountain bikes for men are actually made by some of these well-known motorcycle brands. That being said, not a lot of people are aware that our favorite motorcycle…

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Sport Touring Motorcycles - Kawasaki 2

Top 10 Mile Munching Sport Touring Motorcycles

Plenty of models define themselves as a sport touring motorcycle, but which ones really live up to the name? Which ones are competent sports machines that are comfortable enough to tour on? Or is the other way around: which touring machines have a sporty edge? Depending on who you’re talking to, the actual definition of…

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10 Things You Need To Build A Street Legal Dirt Bike

So you want to convert your off-road thrasher into a street legal dirt bike? In this guide we’re going to tell you how to do it, why you should do it, and tell you what bikes are already street legal, just in case you’re thinking of putting in unnecessary work. Now before we get started,…

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10 Things That Make A Scrambler Motorcycle A Scrambler Motorcycle

Another day, another scrambler motorcycle on the market, but what makes a scrambler a true scrambler motorcycle? Are these modern models built for real off-roading or are they merely aesthetic? Here are 10 things that define a real scrambler motorcycle, and they’re important things to consider if you ever feel like building your own. But…

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Make Your Motorcycle Faster

10 Tricks That Will Make Your Motorcycle Faster

There’s no easy way to simply make your motorcycle faster without investing big bucks, but what smaller tricks are out there to help you squeeze some extra power out of your bike without breaking the bank? There are a few tried and tested ways to improve your motorcycles performance, but if you’re expecting a dramatic…

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Motorcycle School - Social 2

10 Things They Don’t Teach You At Motorcycle School

What were the things you wished they taught you on your first day of motorcycle school? Don’t worry, this isn’t a patronizing list that tells you what you already know, it’s just there to point out some of those things we wished we knew when we first got on two wheels. Lists like this are…

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Track Motorcycle - Ducati Monster

10 Great Track Motorcycle Options For Budget Conscious Racers

If you’re considering buying a dedicated track motorcycle for thundering around your local circuit on a track day, then we’ve got some great advice for you. If you’re prepared to part with your hard cash you’d better do your research. For most riders out there, you probably don’t even need a special bike to give…

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Motorcycle Sidecar - Cover

10 Fearsome Motorcycle Sidecar Rigs From World War Two!

When you think of motorcycle sidecars, you might think of the dangerous sport of sidecar racing, or a mustached hipster riding around town on a Ural, but it’s more likely that you imagine a military motorcycle with a sidecar charging around Europe during World War II with a big machine gun strapped to it.  These…

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250cc Motorcycle - Honda 1

The 12 Best 250cc Motorcycle Models In The USA By Manufacturer

125s can be a bit on the small side, but for many riders the 500cc and up segment can be a little overwhelming too. The obvious solution is a 250cc motorcycle, which offers the perfect blend of small-capacity simplicity but with enough grunt to tackle the job in hand. While the 250cc motorcycle market has…

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BMW Motorcycle - HP2 Sport

The 12 Best BMW Motorcycle Models Ever Made

If you could own one, and only one, BMW motorcycle, what would you choose? We’ve had a tough time compiling our top favorite BMW models of all time but we think we’ve settled on a decent top list that covers all bases. The problem with choosing BMW motorcycle models for a list is the fact…

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Home Motorcycle Repair - Featured Image

10 Motorcycle Repair Jobs You Can Do Instead Of Paying A Mechanic

The best motorcycle repair shops are always in high demand and the best mechanics should be focused on real problems rather than wasting their time on little jobs that their customers could have easily done themselves. Here are 10 motorcycle repair jobs that you can do at home instead of paying a mechanic for. And…

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Motorcycle Salvage - Rocking Horse

12 Awesome Things Upcycled From Motorcycle Salvage

Next time you’re down at the motorcycle salvage yard, keep your eyes peeled for bargains – and we’re not even talking about functioning parts or running machines here! With the right eye and a bit of skill you can turn that rusting piece of motorcycle salvage into something worth its weight in gold. And while…

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Honda NAS Concept

10 Innovative Motorcycle Inventions That Never Took Off

In a time where consumers are repeatedly accusing the motorcycle industry of a lack of innovative design, let’s look at some of the best motorcycle inventions that the public just wasn’t ready for. Like it or not, the motorcycle industry and their top designers have been trying to evolve the humble motorcycle since the first…

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Turbocharged Subaru Motorcycle 2

The “Mad Boxer” Turbocharged Subaru WRX Motorcycle!

Putting any car engine into a motorcycle chassis is a challenge, but putting a turbocharged Subaru WRX engine in one is even more ludicrous – and of course, this story begins like all good stories should: with a dare. Marcel van Hooijdonk from New Zealand is pretty handy on the tools, so when a friend…

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600cc Motorcycle Image

10 Best Used 600cc Motorcycle Models You Can Buy

The 600cc motorcycle category is an incredibly popular segment of the bike industry – and for good reason. With around 600cc on offer, these bikes are incredibly light and nimble but they’re also fast and furious too. The supersport segment, to give it the proper name, offers some fantastic options for those who are looking…

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Motorcycle Camping - Stay Exposed Bivouac 2

Motorcycle Camping 101 – Top 10 Touring Essentials

Motorcycle camping can be a troublesome affair – with limited packing space and without the built-in comforts of a car, spending a night in the great outdoors with only your motorcycle as company might deter the average rider. But fear not! With a little bit of forward planning, a bit of careful consideration, and after…

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Alien-Predator Motorcycle 1

The Fully Functioning “Alien-Predator Motorcycle” Custom!

This Alien-Predator motorcycle is one of the craziest custom motorcycles we’ve seen – it certainly wasn’t built for performance, but if you’re in the market for a machine that can really turn a head or two, then you’ll want to get in touch with Thailand’s Roongronja Sangwongprisarn. Of if you think your steel fabrication skills…

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Race Suit Guide

Dress For The Slide: Top 10 Motorcycle Race Suits!

So you want a leather race suit: but do you want a one-piece or a two-piece? What sort of budget do you have in mind? Is it for the road or for the track? Well, we’re going to take a look at some of the best motorcycle race suits on the market to give you…

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Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet Featured Image

15 Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets

For most of us, motorcycling is all about shutting the rest of the world out but there are times when you’re going to have to communicate with your riding buddies and having a Bluetooth motorcycle helmet makes the job much easier. When it comes to buying Bluetooth helmets there are a lot of factors to…

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