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sturgis motorcycle rally

Rapid city officials begin preparations for the Motorcycle Rally

According to reports, Rapid City has begun preparations for the upcoming Sturgis Motorcycle Rally which will take place less than 30 miles of Rapid City. The transportation department, law enforcement department, and health care officials of Rapid City have all started concocting for an onslaught of traffic, injuries, and accidents that may occur during the upcoming…

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Adventure Motorcycles 1

Rugged Rides – Top 10 Adventure Motorcycles

The problem with trying to write up a Top List for adventure motorcycles is that everyone has a different opinion of what an adventure bike truly is. Different people have different ideas about what an “adventure” even is, so it’s hardly surprising that the segment is hard to define. For some riders, an adventure involves…

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Italian Motorcycles - Cagiva V589

10 Of The Most Stunning Italian Motorcycles Ever Made

Traditionally, Italian motorcycles comes with heart stopping performance, fiery temperaments, and exotic styling, but how can you tell a good one from a bad one? Which ones are design classics? And what models should you consider for your dream garage? There are plenty of beautiful Italian motorcycles out there, but we’ve selected 10 of our…

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Dual Sport Motorcycles - KTM Super Adventure 1290 R Off-Road

10 Dual Sport Motorcycles That Offer The Best Of Both Worlds

Dual sport motorcycles are always a popular option, but there are plenty of people who like to think that they’re not particularly good on-road or off-road – and that’s simply not true. There are plenty of dual sport motorcycles that offer the best of both worlds, and here are our top 10 favorites. It’s easy…

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American Motorcycles - Indian Scout Bobber

10 Best Modern American Motorcycles On The Road

There’s no shortage of Japanese machines on the market, but what about some good old fashioned, patriotic, American motorcycles to fawn over instead? With global motorcycle sales flagging, we decided to take a look at some of our home grown industry and see what the best American made motorcycles are. If you’re looking for a…

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Suzuki GSX-R1100

10 Of The Best Suzuki Bikes To Ever Go Into Production!

It hasn’t been easy to compile a list of the best Suzuki bikes ever made. There have been some fantastic models to come out of the Hamamatsu factory over the last century but we’ve tried to whittle the list down to a top 10. Since the company released their first ever motorcycle back in 1952…

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Vintage Motorcycles - Vincent Black Lightning 2

The 10 Most Expensive Vintage Motorcycles Sold At Auction

2018 has already brought us a nice shake up of the most expensive vintage motorcycles ever sold at auction, with the Vincent Black Lightning making history in Las Vegas. There are some bikes that are ridiculously expensive when they’re brand new, but some of these vintage motorcycles have aged like fine wine, with their price…

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TRACK 800cdi Diesel Motorcycle

The Best 7 Diesel Motorcycles That Actually Work!

Where are all the diesel motorcycles? Diesel engines offer superb fuel economy, huge torque, and unparalleled reliability, so why aren’t there more of them? While diesel motorcycles are uncommon, there are a few out there worth talking about, so we’ve decided to compile a list of the top seven diesel motorcycles in existence. Now, if…

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Chinese Motorcycles - Zontes 310S 2

Top 10 Chinese Motorcycles That Aren’t As Bad As You Think!

So what’s the deal with Chinese motorcycles? You’ve been told that they're nothing but trouble, but that’s not strictly true – there are a few gems out there that are worth your consideration. It’s pretty fashionable to poke fun at Chinese industry at the moment, but it’s a mindset that needs to change. There was…

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Suter MMX500 1

Suter North America – Two Stroke Bliss Arrives In The USA

Suter North America is now a thing – so if you ever wanted to get your hands on a Suter MMX 500, your chances have just dramatically improved. If you want to offer up your thanks, you’d better send an email to the Arch Motorcycle Company (yeah, the Keanu Reeves one) because the partnership deal…

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Aprilia Mana

Top 10 Automatic Motorcycles That Aren’t Scooters

So you want to buy a bike that doesn’t have the complication of gears but doesn’t force you to sacrifice your man card? It looks like you’re going to need an automatic motorcycle. It’s not a scooter, but it’s not a fully clutched machine either. So what exactly is it? How do you ride them?…

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Harley Davidson Military Motorcycles

The Top 5 Greatest Military Motorcycles Of All Time!

Military motorcycles are a strange breed. They’re not built for ultimate performance, they’re not built for rider comfort, and they’re certainly not built to be aesthetically pleasing. However, they’re carefully designed and engineered to be the best on the battlefield, and that means they’ve got to be rock solid, reliable, practical and able to perform…

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Turbo BMW S1000RR by Motokouture Motorcycles

Belgium based garage Motokouture Motorcycles have taken the already incredible BMW S1000RR to the ultimate extreme: they’ve turbo charged one. Now, you’re not going to find many people who’ll argue with you if you insist that the S1000RR is an insanely quick and furious motorcycle in stock form. But when you throw a turbo charger…

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2017: Our Top 5 Most Anticipated Motorcycles!

2017 is upon us, and thanks to the quality of last year’s big trade shows, we’ve got a lot to look forward to. There are plenty of new and exciting models to keep us interested over the next twelve months, but a fair few of them are a cut above the rest. To keep things…

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The Sad Story Of New York’s Forgotten Motorcycle Graveyard…

Here’s a tragic story that caught our eye: it’s the tale of 71 Gooding Street in the City of Lockport, Niagara County in New York, where motorcycle enthusiast David Cuff managed to discover the holy grail of motorcycle barn finds. We’re not talking about a nice vintage motorcycle tucked away in an old garage…we’re talking…

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White Collar Bike’s Carbon Clad Zero SR!

Love them or hate them, electric bikes are the future: and finally, someone has been brave enough to bring one to the custom table. It’s a remarkable re-modelling of the Zero SR, and we have Ram Ram Januar from Indonesia’s White Collar Bike to thank for the effort. And before the electric bashing begins, it’s…

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Top 5 Weird Car Engined Motorcycles!

Build a frame and stick a car engine in it – simple, right? Wrong! Someone should’ve told these manufacturers and builders exactly that before their car engine motorcycles moved on beyond the planning stages, it could’ve saved them a shit load of money. Surprisingly, there are quite a few car engine powered two wheelers out…

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