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Streetfighter Motorcycles - 2018 Honda CB1000R

10 Awesome Factory Built Streetfighter Motorcycles

Streetfighter motorcycles are always popular bikes thanks to their epic combination of sport bike aggression and urban practicality, but where did they come from, what are they, and who makes them? Here’s a little bit of background on these ultra-cool streetfighter motorcycles, and 10 of our favorite factory produced models for you to look out…

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Naked Bikes - Suzuki GSX-S1000Z

Top 10 Fast And Furious Naked Bikes That Are Perfect For Any Rider

Naked bikes aren’t simply de-tuned sports machines with the plastics removed – they’re so much more than that. They come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, and they’re capable of a wide range of tasks, but which ones are the best? Which ones offer the most bang for your buck? And most importantly,…

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WSBK: 600 Supersport Class To Be Replaced By Naked 600s

It seems that Dorna Sports are planning to give the World Superbike Championship a serious shake up: they’re going to get rid of the 600cc supersport class and replace it with a new platform for naked bikes. Why are they doing this? Well, like in all businesses, they’ve got to go where the money is.…

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Honda’s Updated 2017 CBR650F & CB650F

Honda has given the 2017 CBR650F and CB650F with a few interesting updates. On the surface, it doesn’t look like the pair have had much work done to them, but if you look past the plastics and focus on the engine, they’ve had quite the overhaul. Now, before we get too excited, it’s worth mentioning…

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Ducati’s New Breed Of Monster 1200s! The 1200, 1200 S & 1200 R!

Ducati kicked this year’s EICMA show to a flying start with an incredible press-conference. While the highlight was most definitely the new 1299 Superleggera, it was the more affordable models that caught our eyes the most. We did a brief overview of all of Ducati’s new unveilings, but here, we’ll go into a little more…

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Kawasaki’s 2017 Z650 & Z900!

After a rather hurried reveal at Cologne’s INTERMOT show, Kawasaki have now officially pulled the covers of their new breed of streetfighters at Milan's EICMA festival: introducing the 2017 Z650 and the Z900. Thanks to the latest batch of rules and regulations from Europe, it’s time for us to say goodbye to the ER-6n and…

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“The Beast 2.0” – Introducing The 2017 KTM 1290 Super Duke R

The 2017 KTM 1290 Super Duke R is a whole new beast. In fact, KTM themselves has dubbed their latest creation “The Beast 2.0”! It’s bold, aggressive and one of the most furious looking machines to have debuted at this year’s EICMA festival in Milan so far. If you’re looking for a versatile motorcycle that…

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A Closer Look At The 2017 Yamaha FZ Range!

Yamaha’s all new FZ-10 might be stealing the show at the moment, but let’s not forget Yamaha’s new FZ-09, FZ-07 with ABS, and very practical FZ6R models. Here, we’re going to bring the best of the FZ models together, and give a brief summary about each one. We’re going to cover the awesome, R1 derived…

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The 2017 Yamaha FZ-10 – Gallery

Since the 2017 Yamaha FZ-10 has finally arrived on US shores, we’ve decided to upload a huge gallery of pictures of Yamaha’s coolest naked sports bike. If you’ve ever wondered what a street-tamed version of the YZF-R1 engine was capable of, then read on, because we’ve got the full specs right here! Anyway, known in…

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The Much Anticipated Husqvarna “1301” Emerges!

And some people are calling it a “power cruiser” – but we're really not seeing it… Spy shots have appeared, photographing what seems to be the latest Husqvarna model emerging from KTM’s factory in Mattighofen, Austria. Early indications have dubbed this bike the Husqvarna 1301 after its 1301cc V-twin engine – the very same that…

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The “Audi” Supersport 10R: An Audi Motorcycle Concept

It’s called the Audi Supersport 10R, and it’s an awesome design project from Italian designer Alessandro Lupo. Just to clarify though, this isn’t an official Audi concept – Audi have already had a go at motorcycle design, and they even built a prototype back in the seventies. Take a look further down to see how…

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The Energica Eva: Prices and Features Announced!

A little while ago, we introduced to the exciting electric superbike from the Italian firm Energica. We saw it again and explored the model a with a little more detail but the company was quiet on a number of issues – firstly, the battery range and charging time, and secondly, the price. Now, they’ve given…

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The Kenstomoto Demolisher: Custom Benelli TNT 600

Armed with a radical design idea and a Benelli TNT 600, Malaysian designer Kenny Yeoh of Kenstomoto has built a ferocious looking machine. His inspiration came in the form of a “Zaku” that any anime fan will tell you, is a military mobile suit from the Mobile Suit Gundam franchise. Don’t worry, we had to…

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AD Koncept’s Awesome Yamaha MT-10 Concepts

The Yamaha MT-10 (formerly FZ-10) is one of the coolest naked street bikes out there, so how do you got about making it look better? Try any one of these awesome concept ideas for AD Koncept. Working with what can only be described as a naked YZF-R1, the design house have done the impossible, by…

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Yamaha 2016 MT-10 Specs Finally Filter Down

And 158.2 hp is what commands our attention the most. We took a look at the MT-10 back at EICMA in November but specs were pretty few and far between – thankfully, Yamaha have brought the goods, and from what we can see, they’ve definitely taken the riding public’s opinions and ideas into account. This…

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Nissan Homy Super Long and 12 Other Weird Japanese Car Names

Apparently a random array of English words for a car model name is showroom magic in Japan. We've collected some of the most ridiculous combinations for you. Now keep in mind that not every car sold in Japan has a wild or strange name.  Many use the same names on both sides of the Pacific.…

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Ducati’s Awesome Monster 1200 R!

To call the recently unveiled Ducati Monster 1200 R impressive is somewhat of an understatement. Germany is at the center of the world’s attention at the moment, the VW scandal has rocked the broadsheets, Oktoberfest is just about to explode but last month, something far more exciting happened: the Frankfurt Auto Show. While it’s mainly…

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“Retro Naked” – 5 Of The Best Retro Motorcycles Out There!

We’ve covered a lot of custom motorcycles over the past few years but now we’re going to look at the best retro naked bikes that the factories offer. While it’s all very noble having a custom garage take your beloved back to its roots with a brown leather seat and the unnecessaries removed, every major…

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