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Honda Hydrogen Fuel Cell Motorcycle 1

Honda Patents A Hydrogen Fuel Cell Motorcycle

After teaming up with Nissan and Toyota, Honda have filed a patent for their first hydrogen fuel cell powered motorcycle. While hydrogen fuel cells have been around for some time on the four wheeled side of the industry, this offering from Honda is the first real serious attempt that we’ve seen to bring the technology…

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Honda Supercharged V-Twin Patent 1

Honda Reveal Supercharged V-Twin Patents!

Honda are throwing their hat into the forced induction ring – detailed patent diagrams show that the Japanese firm are developing a supercharged v-twin motorcycle engine with direct injection. It’s all systems go in the supercharged department at the moment. Kawasaki are poised to unveil a third supercharged model in the next couple of weeks,…

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Is This A Patent For A Battery Powered Kawasaki Ninja?

Some are calling it the Kawasaki BATTERY ZX-10R – but if that’s a ZX-10R, I will eat a Harley Davidson. After a short examination, we can see that it’s more like a Ninja 400 than anything else, thanks to the narrow looking swingarm, high set clip ons, and of course, the single disc at the…

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The Upcoming Honda V4 Superbike: Patent Clues And What To Expect!

We’re not expecting the new model to be unveiled for a good year or two yet, but that doesn’t mean we can’t take a closer look at the new patent designs and get a rough idea of what to expect. After all, whatever this machine ends up being, it’s going to be interesting. We know…

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Ducati Patent A Variable Jet Exhaust? Check Out The Drawings!

It’s not April Fools Day…but with a title like that, it almost could be, right? Yes, this is the news that Ducati has filed a patent that appears to show a variable jet exhaust. It’s all systems go in the Ducati R&D department apparently. They’re obviously not content with the success of their new Superleggera…

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Will There Be A 2018 CBR600RR After All? Patent Docs Suggest…“Maybe”

Honda has filed some interesting new patents, and it looks like we could be seeing a new 2018 CBR600RR (in some capacity) in the near future. If you think this is just another recycled “Honda’s Supercharged Patent” article that’s been doing the rounds recently, it’s not. That’s old news that has resurfaced somehow. This, however,…

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The Suzuki “VISION” GSX-R750 Concept! What Is This?

Now this might appear to be only a drawing, it has actually been drawn around real, and genuine patent sketches. This image was brought us from the Japanese magazine Young Machine, but don’t let its slightly fictional appearance fool you. Suzuki has no intention of dropping the mighty GSX-R750 from its line up, and an…

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Kawasaki’s Brand New Ninja 1000 Patents

It looks like the Kawasaki Z1000SX may possibly be discontinued, and the gap in the market will be filled by an awesome sports tourer instead. After Ducati recently unveiled their revival of the SuperSport 939 earlier this month, it seems like Kawasaki have also had the same ideas. Thanks to these recently seen patent drawings,…

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Motorcycles And Autonomous Cars: IBM’s Solution

This patent from IBM might solve the problem about how motorcycles will fit in alongside autonomous cars. In fact, it’s not really geared towards motorcycles, but any other “dumb” vehicle operator… However, the idea of an autonomous motorcycle is ridiculous, so if we want to keep riding in the future, then this will mainly apply…

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Patents Filed: The Honda Bulldog Emerges

Remember when we first saw this? And then again when we heard a rumor it was going into production? Well, Honda have just patented some new crash bars around the engine and the fuel tank integrated storage units that originally featured on the Bulldog concept – and generally speaking, that could be a good indication…

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Honda Goldwing Replacement Set For 2017

The latest rumors from Honda have hinted that 2017 will bring the Honda Goldwing its first significant updates and upgrades since 2001. It’s less of a revision, and more of a replacement, if the first rumors are to be believed. Back in 1974, when the Goldwing first came on the scene, it was an impressive…

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