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Infiniti Prototype 9

Infiniti Prototype 9 Concept – A Throwback To A Time When Infiniti Did Not Exist At All

Infiniti didn't even exist before 1989, but at the latest Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance the American spawn of Nissan revealed a concept car looking like a 1930’s racer. A nod to something from Infiniti’s history? Of course not. This is just an after-work Infiniti employees project that was simply too beautiful not to become a real…

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Ferrari with a Chevy Engine Sells on eBay

To many enthusiasts, a Ferrari with a Chevy engine is a monstrosity – an automotive Frankenstein. As distasteful as it may sound, such a project recently sold on eBay. Outside, the car is still a  but under the hood, a 302 ci Chevy V8 replaces the original Colombo V12. If you can get past the…

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Top 5 Concepts Of 2016: The Future Never Looked So Good!

2016 had more than its fair share of innovations arriving at the big industry trade shows, but we also some great designs and plans coming from the minds of non-affiliated designers, and saw some interesting concepts that may or may not be serious projects from our favourite factories. Here, we’ve decided to put together a…

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The Suzuki “VISION” GSX-R750 Concept! What Is This?

Now this might appear to be only a drawing, it has actually been drawn around real, and genuine patent sketches. This image was brought us from the Japanese magazine Young Machine, but don’t let its slightly fictional appearance fool you. Suzuki has no intention of dropping the mighty GSX-R750 from its line up, and an…

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Coming Soon: The Z900RS Kawasaki Retro & Supercharged Models To Follow!

A little while ago, we showed off Kawasaki’s plan to release a brand new, retro themed addition to their line up: the Z900RS. Purposefully designed to evoke the classic bikes of old, and as a direct challenge to the Triumph Thruxton, or the Yamaha XSR900, the newest Z900s will be retro styled, but with updated…

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Are Kawasaki Planning On Supercharging A Z900RS?

Multiple Japanese sources have hinted that Kawasaki will be introducing the Z900RS…with a supercharged 900cc engine. As they’re currently leading the supercharging game, and have yet to make any significant steps into the retro-modern territory, a forced induction and vintage styled machine may be a sensible idea. Maybe… As fans of the older Kawasaki “Z”…

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White Collar Bike’s Carbon Clad Zero SR!

Love them or hate them, electric bikes are the future: and finally, someone has been brave enough to bring one to the custom table. It’s a remarkable re-modelling of the Zero SR, and we have Ram Ram Januar from Indonesia’s White Collar Bike to thank for the effort. And before the electric bashing begins, it’s…

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The YZF-R1 60th Anniversary Edition

There’s nothing quite like a retro themed anniversary edition. This particular offering from Yamaha should provoke enough nostalgia to make you part with your hard earned cash. Retro stylings combined with modern equipment is always a recipe for a winner, and this one fits the bill. As far as sports bikes go, the YZF-R1 is…

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“Retro Naked” – 5 Of The Best Retro Motorcycles Out There!

We’ve covered a lot of custom motorcycles over the past few years but now we’re going to look at the best retro naked bikes that the factories offer. While it’s all very noble having a custom garage take your beloved back to its roots with a brown leather seat and the unnecessaries removed, every major…

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The Old But New Black Douglas ‘Sterling’ Mk 5

While many custom workshops are tripping over each other to inject a bit of 70s retro chic into their designs, Fabio Cardoni, of The Black Douglas Motorcycle Company, has taken the words ‘retro’ and ‘vintage’ about as far back you can go. This is the Sterling Mk 5 and it’s not a one-off custom build:…

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