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McLaren 720S Road Rage 1

McLaren 720S Driver And Motorcyclist Tangle In Road Rage Incident!

Did the biker girl hit the McLaren 720S, or did the McLaren driver hit the biker? Check out the video that’s currently causing a scene on social media. Unlike a lot of videos that usually involve sportsbikes or supercars, this one doesn’t involve any high-speed dramas…in fact, we’re not even entirely sure what caused it.…

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Viral “Motorcycle Road Rage Video” Texan Driver Gets 15 Years!

Remember that viral road rage video from 2015 that saw a Texan motorist intentionally swerved into a motorcyclist? Well, he’s finally going to jail. And for a long time too. Back in 2015, William Sam Crum, aged 69, from Hood County, Texas, was arrested after a video emerged of his reckless driving went viral. It…

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Walmart Road Rage (The Full Video)

You might have seen a shorter clip of this Walmart car park road rage epic – it’s been doing the rounds this week – but you might not have seen the full version, or explored the original posters channel. To cut a long story short, we see a pretty shameful display in the clip, with…

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Road Rage Leads To Game of Bumper Cars (Video)

Most of us with driving license (and I believe vast majority of us here possess one) have found ourselves in road rage worthy situation on occasion or two. While some of us (yours truly included) handle it with a few words of  colorful language aimed at the other party, some drivers completely lose their cool and…

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Mustang Driver Shoots Corvette Driver For Going Too Slow

The man believed to be responsible for shooting a woman driving a yellow Corvette on Highway 78 in Stone Mountain is finally in custody. Jose Dionicio Ovalles, a man with a history of anger issues, has been arrested on two counts of aggravated assault and the felony possession of a firearm for opening fire on…

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Russian Road Rage Hatchet or Pistol or Both

  Ah Russians and their dash cams. Why would you not want one when there is a cornucopia of crap that goes on in your mother Russia. Take for instance these men feuding and what seems to be an all to nonchalant lady who seems unperturbed by small arms fire. Yes this my friend is…

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