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Tesla Roadster 3/4 view

What’s Hot And What’s Not in the 2019 Tesla Lineup

Spearheading the automotive revolution is a daunting task for any automaker, let alone for one of the youngest carmakers around. Yet, that's exactly what Elon Musk and the people from Tesla, Inc. (formerly Tesla Motors) are doing. They are reshaping the auto industry as we know it by offering an alternative to gasoline-powered vehicles. In…

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Volkswagen supercar

10 Supercar Concept Renders that will Never See the Light of Day

Jennings Motor Group, a car dealership conglomerate from the UK, has tasked itself with a rather interesting endeavor. They focused their rendering efforts to create unique supercar designs for manufacturers that do not, in fact, have supercars at all. And we like it. In a series of pictures embedded here, Jennings Motor Group presents supercars…

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What’s the Best Gas Mileage SUV on the Market?

As the world becomes more and more modernized, we will definitely be seeing a shift towards cleaner energy, more fuel efficient vehicles, and all electric vehicles. While sedans like the Toyota Camry and Honda Civic have been popular for a long time, SUVs are really starting to invade the scene. With plenty of storage space for…

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Tesla Model 3 Battery Capacity Finally Revealed

The Tesla Model 3 is an incredible machine – it has a range of approximately 200 – 300 miles, gobs of torque and a starting price of under $35,000. There’s no shortage of Model 3 coverage both online and in print, but until now, one piece of information has been missing: the kilowatt hour ratings.…

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World’s First True EV SUV is Insanely Cool

Hybrids and all-electronic vehicles are, without question, the way of the future. The limitations up to this point have come from the technology behind the motors and the hefty price tag that even entry-level EVs bear. When it comes to off-road and fully capable all-electric options, there are many feats to overcome. One company has…

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2018 Dodge Charger Hellcat

Top 4 Door Sports Cars You Can Buy

If you love the handling and performance of a sports car but have numerous people to transport, you may be in the market for one of the 4 door sports cars listed below. Sports cars have the sleek look and high performance that many of us crave, but cramped or non-existent rear seats can be…

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Seven Sleepers that can be Yours in 2017

I have said it before and I will inevitably say it again: the word "sleeper car" is the most overused and incorrectly used word in the custom car scene. From Stancers to Hot Rods, everyone seems to love calling their clearly-modified creations "sleepers" despite numerous stickers, performance add-ons, and flashy aftermarket wheels. A sleeper should…

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Tesla Model 3 On Track For July Regardless Of Yet Another Financial Loss

Building a car company from scratch is a tough business. Yet, Tesla made it possible with a cool business model, fantastic cars and astonishing performance they bring. Yet, Elon and others involved will have a bloody nose for many months and years before posting and important financial gains. At their latest letter to shareholders, Tesla…

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2017’s Most innovative Vehicles and Technologies

One of the most exciting things to an automotive enthusiast is taking a look at the innovative future technology of the industry. Every year, automakers try to go above and beyond what they (and their competitors) have done before in terms of functionality, safety, and performance. While the industry isn’t quite as quick to fully…

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Faraday Future FF 91: The Possible 2018 Tesla Fighter?

Last year at the amazing Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, a Silicon Valley startup with Chinese funding made a splash with a wild, all electric supercar concept. That car was the FFZERO1 and the company was Faraday Future. At the time, they spouted out insane specifications and promised to bring a production concept…

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Fastest to 60 MPH: 10 Cars for 2017

There are many metrics to measuring the performance of a vehicle. We have power, toque, top speed, fastest 0-60 and quarter mile, along with track times to name a few. However, before I had ever enjoyed a track day I once asked a relative “how fast have you gone”? His answer surprised me a bit…

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Everyday Electric: The Tesla Model 3

  Tesla has been the driving force behind the electric revolution since the production of the Tesla Roadster back in 2008. Gradually changing the world’s mind about the future of electric vehicles and pushing the technology further every year. With the sales success of the Model S and the recent production of the Model X…

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Tesla Revises Autopilot Software

In October 2015 Tesla Motors started equipping its Model S with Autopilot software that permits self-driving of the vehicle using a camera, radar, ultrasonic and GPS. The technology utilizes 12 long-range ultrasonic sensors that monitor the area around the car out to 16-feet in every direction at all speeds and also includes a high-precision digitally…

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An electrifying future – the FFZERO1 turns heads at CES

Rumors of a Chinese backed electric startup poaching Tesla employees began last year. Now Farraday Future has stepped onto the world stage to show what it is capable of. Their FFZERO1 concept at CES2016 boasts projections of 1000+ hp, sub-three second 0-60 and an over 200mph top speed. Is this the future of electric vehicles…

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10 Most Likely Car Companies to Fail Within a Decade

Automakers come and go, and we saw huge examples of this in recent years with the elimination of a ton of big-name brands. Some of the brands we’ve seen go away in the last 20 years include giants like Plymouth, Mercury, Oldsmobile, and Pontiac. It is inevitable that we’ll see many more automakers come and…

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The 11 Fastest Electric Vehicles in the World

EVs are becoming some of the quickest vehicles around, as electric motors develop full torque instantaneously. Let's see what these motors are capable of.   11. Tesla Roadster S Although the Tesla Roadster is considered the company's first car, there wasn't much Tesla and a whole lot of Lotus to it. The cars were delivered…

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The Tesla ‘Model M’ by Jans Slapins

Calm yourselves, it’s only a concept rendering but honestly, if Tesla were to build an electric motorcycle, it could very well look like this. But then, it could look like something else completely. So before you wet yourself, here’s the deal: it’s a concept rendering by Jans Slapins, a designer that we’ve covered before, and…

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The Larte Design Tesla Model S May Be The First Properly Tuned Electric Car Ever

Having your car revealed at an event such as the Top Marques Monaco and presented by no other than the Prince Albert of Monaco, must have been an honour beyond any other for the Larte Design who specially made, developed and introduced an all new tuning package for the world's favourite electric car - the…

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Tesla Model S 70D Is The Only Entry Level Car That Could Eventually Drive Without Driver Input

The Tesla Model S might be the most important American invention since Samuel Morse invented Morse code. It is that big, it can be that game-changing and it can be so revolutionary that it could change the face of The Earth for good. When it was revealed back in 2012 by the same man who…

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Leaked Tesla Options List Shows Villainous Choices

Tesla Motor Company has been dealing out great vehicles and great public relations campaigns but it seems that the company has been building the case for such moments as this. In this article we will see just how devious some of the company’s inner workings are and why you probably just need to buy one…

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SEMA Fisker Karma 2012

SEMA 2012. The Fisker Karma Wraps It Up At SEMA.

Automaker Fisker has been doing pretty well with their luxury hybrid flagship car the Karma. With it's long Maserati-ish style bonnet, and snippet of a rear end the Karma has been winning over crowds slowly but surely. The only real, and main stream issue that a car of this caliber has to deal with is,…

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