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Top Ten Longest Lasting Trucks and SUVs

It is well known in the realm of automobiles trucks and SUVs last the longest. Companies pride themselves in the longevity of their trucks and heavily market this aspect to get more buyers. With reputations on the line, the auto research site iSeeCars compiled a list of the top 10 longest lasting vehicles. It is…

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Yamaha Cross Hub Pickup Concept 3

The Yamaha Cross Hub Pickup Truck Concept – Designed Specifically For Motorcyclists!

Looking for the perfect ride to transport your motorcycles? This is the Yamaha Cross Hub concept pickup truck, and it’s designed especially for moving your bikes from A to B. If you weren’t impressed by Yamaha’s bizarre FZ-09 powered Niken trike thing, then perhaps this might excite you instead. It’s called the Yamaha Cross Hub…

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10 Forgotten Classic Dodge Models You Probably Never Knew Existed

From humble beginnings in the early 1900s to being considered one of the fieriest American divisions during the sixties, and finally to modern day cooperation with Fiat - Dodge has been to hell and back. More than once. Actually, it was their parent automaker Chrysler that's almost bankrupted a couple of times before finally merging…

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2018 RAM Pickup Harvest Edition

Color-Match the 2018 Ram Pickup Harvest Edition With Your Harvester

Really, you can match it – it's official. Ram revealed two new finish options for the Ram 1500, 2500, and 3500 Harvest Editions - Case IH Red and New Holland Blue. Both colors closely match equipment offered by two major brands who produce harvesting equipment. With the 2018 Ram Pickup Harvest Edition, you can finally have…

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15 Forgotten Pickup Trucks That Never Succeeded in the U.S.

Popularity of pickup trucks in the U.S. is simply uncanny. Ford F-series, Chevy Silverado and (Dodge) RAM trucks are among the best sellers in the market. They always have been, more or less. Despite being half-ton truck's dominion, U.S. also finds way to adopt more compact foreign pickups like Toyota Tacoma, Honda Ridgeline and even…

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World’s First True EV SUV is Insanely Cool

Hybrids and all-electronic vehicles are, without question, the way of the future. The limitations up to this point have come from the technology behind the motors and the hefty price tag that even entry-level EVs bear. When it comes to off-road and fully capable all-electric options, there are many feats to overcome. One company has…

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OJ’s Ford Bronco: Starting at $750,000

It would seem as though the saga never ends with OJ Simpson. In the latest news surrounding the famed ex-footballer, we learned that OJ had been granted parole, and would soon be free of his incarceration. Of course, this means that his infamous 1993 Ford Bronco resurfaced out of the blue in a surprise bid…

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The 1970 K5 Blazer We All Wish We Had

One of the sweetest K5 Blazers we've ever seen comes to us from TMI Products. We first laid eyes on the topless beauty at the 2016 SEMA Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. This 1970 K5 Blazer was restored to have a “nostalgic feel with a modern twist” as desired by Larry Ashley, the head of…

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8 Cars for 2017 That Suffer From Poor Gas Mileage

8 Worst Low-Mileage Cars in 2017 With the kind of selection that's out there today in terms of new cars, there is a kind of balance that all new car buyers will reach when deciding on a new vehicle to take home. Price, fuel economy, practicality, and fun all factor into the decision. Gone are…

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Volvo XC60 6×6 and XC70 D5 Pickup Trucks Are Real

Volvo XC60 is easily one of the most popular SUVs in the world. It has been the best-selling Volvo for years now. Thus, having some of them modded to the extremes is not exactly a surprise. These are the Volvo XC60 and the XC70 transformed into 6x6 pickup machines. While you may think that these…

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Dallas Speed Shop Hellfire Goes to SEMA

Since the introduction of the Hellcat Challenger there have been a huge number of vehicles given the Hellcat treatment. We have seen these engine swaps on shows like Discovery’s “Fast and Loud” and have even been treated to future potential Hellcat options from Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) with the Grand Cherokee and Wrangler Trailcat. With…

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Is the RAM Prospector XL by AEV The Best Thing For Off road?

Despite looking badass, pickup trucks aren’t actually the best thing one can use when it comes to offroading. However, no one can dispute their ruggedness. For this reason, enthusiast are enticed to build perfect offroading monsters on their basis. Meet one of the perfect. Based on the standard Ram 3500 truck, American Expedition Vehicles (AEV)…

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9 Neat and Nifty Car Hacks You Just Can’t Live Without

There are some lame hacks out there using nail polish and toothpaste. You'll find no beauty supplies in our hacks, just 100% ingenuity to make life easier. Click next to scroll through our list and feel free to comment with your own hacks   Use Steel Wool to Detail Your Windshield   Ever wonder how…

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10 Cars That Cost Less Than a Coffee a Day to Insure

Choosing a new car with an eye on keeping premiums low doesn't mean having to drive a boring car. Check out 10 cars with premiums at less than a latte a day. The iconic Jeep Wrangler Sport 4WD repeated its cheapest-to-insure title from last year, with an average annual nationwide rate of $1,134 or a…

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Readers Rides – Paul’s 880hp Blown Fifty Sickx

 Here at Gearheads we continually go through readers rides and although we love to see everyone’s pride and joy we sometimes are taken back by just how creative and how much painstaking detail is taken in order to accomplish a “show stopper”. Today we are talking with Paul who sent us pictures of his blown…

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