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World's Fastest Wheelie 1

Ted Brady Sets The World’s Fastest Wheelie At 217.85 MPH!

Last year, we were incredibly impressed when Dutch rider Egbert van Popta managed to break the world’s fastest wheelie world record with an incredible speed of 213.3 mph – at the time, it seemed like an unbeatable speed. However, one year later, we’re pleased to announce that the record has been shattered once again by…

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A Riding Group, A Cop, And A Crash – Who’s At Fault? (Video)

Since this video first appeared on the internet, there’s been some interesting titles accompanying it, and a whole load of mixed opinion. My favorite of these headlines asks whether the cop who attempts to pull over this riding group caused the crash that subsequently followed. The answer to that is a huge, and resounding, “no.”…

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