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Published November 28, 2015

What the SEMA motor show is for us, the Essen motor show is for the Europeans. Only, it is smaller, with less powerful cars, but with the same excitement of visitors and those who unveil their cars there. Preparative activities of numerous (largely German) tuners started a few months ago with some rather nice and subtle tuning creations accentuating the refinement and the sheer gracefulness of Euro cars. Do not get us wrong here, in Essen some really ghastly creations lurk on the stands, but every tuner who has some standards will not overdo it. Here, we cannot see cars with four engines or with insane power outputs, but the show gathers the tuned cars people could actually buy. Two of them are these Audi RS3 hot hatchbacks – one tricked out by MTM and the other by legendary Abt.


One black as a Black knight, the other red as the blood. Every one of these creations is more powerful than the Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale or even the Maserati Gran Turismo. Yes, these two are in proper sports car class trying to cash in on the sheer brutality of their engines and four wheel drive.


MTM knew it cannot go wrong with the RS3. It’s perfectly executed chassis franetically improved with the new 19-inch Nardo wheels with Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires. New performance brakes and performance suspension only add up on the hot-hatch character. However, the most important fact about the RS3 is its Haldex based all wheel drive system which actually enables for all this power awesomeness to reach the ground.


Stock, the car is capable of reaching 60 mph in 4 and a half seconds which is better than its older brother Audi R8 V8. However, MTM did need something more potent. Dialing up the power of the 2.5L 367hp engine with the use of DTE System plug-in powermodule, MTM succeeded in sourcing a whole lot more power. 435hp is the result which meant that the four wheel driven hot-hatch is capable of reaching some insane speeds. 62 mph is cracked in 3,9 seconds.


To put things into perspective you have to remember the Porsche Carrera GT. That car did the same more than ten years ago and we have been amazed by it since. What’s more, the top speed was increased to 186 mph and the 124 mph acceleration dropped to 14.1 seconds.


Abt gave it a go at tuning the RS3. What could they possibly do better than MTM!? Well, Abt did create something very impressive. The power was increased to 450hp and 406 lb-ft of torque, but the performance, apparently, is not as exceptional as that of the MTM tuned RS3. 62 is cracked in 4 seconds flat, while the top speed is at 180 mph. Not bad by any means, but we really do think Abt is keeping something from us. This thing should and probably does perform better than the MTM tuned monster.


Interestingly enough, the power is followed up by a nice suspension update, cosmetics on the outside and on the inside, as well as new wheels. All in all, these two certainly promise a nice future for the hot hatchbacks.

audi-rs3-sportback-abt-sportsline-03 audi-rs3-sportback-abt-sportsline-04


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