Taking A Second Look At The Zenvo ST1.

Updated January 3, 2015

 So, the Geneva Auto Show has been wrapped up, the female booth attendants, have been paid, and can now relax, and get their drink on, and we are kind of stuck for something to talk about. Here’s an idea. Let’s talk some shit about a random ass car that was at the show, and has really not improved in over 4 years. No clue on where I’m going with this right? Just sit back and enjoy the show.


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As I was saying, the 2014 Geneva Auto Show was a huge success, and like always did everything, but disappoint the thousands of adoring fans that passed through the doors. With that said, there was a car in attendance that had been introduced to the automotive world a few years back, and oddly enough, made an appearance at this year’s show. The Danish made, Zenvo ST1. OK, now for those of you who are devoted fans will know that I did a write up on the Zenvo ST1 quite some time ago, and was pretty enthusiastic about it when I did. However the times have changed, but the Zenvo ST1 has done anything but.



 As this Danish Cinderella story goes, the ST1 was conceived back in 2007, and the main goal of the developers/builders, was to create a drivable car that had a power number that exceeded 1,000 Hp. At the time, doing something like that was a pretty big challenge, and would take countless months, or years of developing the perfect vehicle that would be capable of handling this monumental task. Needless to say, the Danish were in total disagreement. Not only did they create the ST1 in 2007, but they even went as far as to debut the car at the 2009 24 Hours at LeMans Driver’s Parade, and it was quickly blessed with the, “Supercar of the year” nomination. See that key word right there? “Nomination.” Anyway, from this moment forward, the Zenvo ST1 would be the car to be reckoned with, and would be the next, “Veyron Killer”. Or at least it would be able to hold it’s own during an awesome head to head challenge.


Well, in all reality, the Danish being the proud people that they are, knew it would be best to not stir the pot too much, and continued the their research on the production aspect of the ST1. It’s now 2012, a whole three years later, and the first Zenvo ST1 has been delivered to it’s proud owner. (I bet that delivery didn’t get a million hits on YouTube.) The Zenvo’s all aluminum, patented 6.8L, Charged V8 was to produce a staggering 1,100 Hp, all by the means of accomplishing a never before heard of feat of technology. The Zenvo ST1 was turbocharged, as well as supercharged. Like I said, an industry first. The first Zenvo was capable of producing 1,104 Hp, and shooting to 100 km/h in a mere 3.2 seconds. Everything is great right? Or at least you would think.


 It’s been 7 years since the original inception of the ST1, and it still looks the same. The power plant hasn’t been changed, or modified so that it can keep up with technology. The body lines have remained the same, the wheels haven’t changed, and the foggy rear taillights are still the same. The price of the Zenvo ST1 has stood firm at $1.8 Million dollars, and for what? A car company that has shown that it’s only capable of only building one car, and that car within itself has the Spontaneous Combustion capabilities of a Ferrari 458. Sorry Ferrari, but when you shit the bed, you kinda got roll with it. Now don’t get me wrong, the Zenvo was cool back in 2009 when the selected few who were privy to catching a glimpse of the ST1 on track as it purred around daintily. But seriously, after that debacle on BBC’s Top Gear, you would think that Zenvo would, I don’t know, change things a little. You may be thinking, it was a simple overheating fire, what’s the harm? Well Tesla’s had it’s fair share of Model S’ bursting into flames, and do you think they just sat back on their asses, and left it alone? HELL NO!!! The Zenvo ST1, has the potential for greatness, the only problem is the budget. It’s painfully obvious that the Danish can’t afford a HYKERS system, or 110 Hp electric motors, or even an AWD system that would be on par with a GTR. Me personally, I don’t see the Zenvo being a player in the game of, “High Powered Autos”. Not with the LaFerrari (950Hp), the Veneno (750Hp), McLaren P1 (905Hp), the Porsche 918 (900Hp), the Koenigsegg One:1 (1,000Hp), and the good ‘ole Veyron

(1,165Hp) always making their presence known, it’s not gonna happen. Now, you may be thinking that these number don’t really compare to the ST1’s Hp, and you’d be right, but before you go beating your chest about proving me wrong, consider this. The Zenvo is producing this power with a dual charging system that has the proven potential to overheat, and fail, whereas the rest of the crew has been tested time, and time again. The Zenvo unfortunately has no real, or solid financial backing, and this is why they’ve only made the ST1, and nothing else. Lastly, because I don’t want to drag this beating out, the future of the Supercar was laid to rest when the GTR came through, got tuned, and started handing out bitch slaps to anyone who called themselves a Supercar. Thus we are now in the Hypercar, and even the Megacar era. Zenvo is becoming older, and older by the day, and soon enough you’ll be seeing one of these ST1’s on a Barret Jackson auction block, and hopefully someone will be willing to buy it for the $175,500 dollars it’s really worth. Enough said, I’m going to sleep.     



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