“Talking” Cars Technology A Reality With V2V

Updated September 29, 2013

Talking cars may sound far-fetched but they may be closer on the horizon than you think. It’s called V2V technology and will enable cars to communicate with one another as well as interpret street signs and traffic lights resulting in fewer car accidents and decreasing road congestion. Cars will be able to sense and “see” other vehicles and hazards on the road even if the driver doesn’t. This technology will be able to eliminate many car accidents since the majority are caused by driver error.

How It Works

The technology used to enable vehicles to communicate with one another is currently being tested in Michigan by the Department of Transportation. Manufacturers which have provided cars to be tested include Volkswagen, Toyota, Mercedes, Honda and General Motors. Autos use wi-fi  in order to send signals and will be able to communicate their location and direction of travel to other cars. Automotive companies are working together in order to advance this technology because the ultimate goal is to equip every car with these capabilities.

Less Accidents

Experts predict that this new technology will lead to a decrease in accidents. Drivers will be warned during dangerous situations such as if the car in front of them brakes suddenly or if another car is merging into their blind spot. In addition to fewer accidents, it can also lead to less traffic jams. The system will be able to receive data about current traffic patterns and re-route the vehicle.


This groundbreaking technology won’t reach its full potential unless all cars on the road are on the same wavelength. Enforced governmental regulation and standardization can help to help speed things along. The price of new cars would be significantly affected; consumers can expect higher prices.

Too Much Technology?

Experts are currently simultaneously working on developing self-driving cars. It will be interesting to see how both technologies will work together. We can only hope that it won’t drive up the price of cars too much. Consumers are already faced with an increase in car prices due to federal CAFE regulations and the added cost of this new technology will drive it up even more. However, if the technology is useful enough buyers will eventually adapt. One good example is Bluetooth which is now the norm in even the most affordable cars. Automotive companies are currently still deciding if they want to move ahead with V2V; if they do it will take at least 5 years before V2V cars will be available in local dealerships such as Ford Corpus Christi. Only time will tell what’s next when it comes to car technology.

Written by Jacqueline Starz – A writer specializing in the automotive industry. Take a look at Galpin Volkswagen for safe and affordable cars in Los Angeles.



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