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2012 Tauro V8 Spider – Fierce, Fancy, and Fabulous

Updated July 5, 2012

The Tauro V8 Spider is a new exotic car which was designed by a small car producer from Spain. It’s been reported that they will only build 30 vehicles in the first year of fabrication.

This little jewelry is not the first exotic car concept realized in Spain, but it sure is one of the most accessible because the base price for it is going to be around $125,000 USD and taking into account the personal preferences of the potential customers a few tens of thousands can be added to the initial amount.

Most of you probably won’t be able to recognize from the first glance the base model of the Tauro V8 Spider even though parts of the body haven’t been modified at all – it’s the Pontiac Solstice (which had another cousin in Europe, Opel Speedster), the American model being easy prey after the auto market crisis forced General Motors to put an end to Pontiac.

A trained eye could spot that the windshield, the door trims as well as the hood or the bends behind the chairs haven’t been changed at all, but that cannot be said about its frontal side which was modified to a more serious look, while the tail lights were curved to represent a modern luxurious design.

Surprising or not, the inside remains untouched as a general design as the Spanish company decided to offer customization only by choosing the materials from which the panels will be built. Interesting is that between the chairs we’re going to find an identification plate containing the order number of each model and this is going to contribute to the exclusivity of the vehicle in the future.

Under the hood we have some major changes, as the original Pontiac Solstice had 4 cylinders and it’s most powerful model packed 260 HP, the Tauro V8 Spider is going to receive a propulsion based on 8 cylinders which will sum up to 6,2 liters and will be produced by GM.

The base version of the Tauro will have 440 HP with a max torque of 586 Nm/4.400 RPM but with a special upgrade pack you can take it to 480 HP and 644 Nm. In the future the Spanish producer will prepare two more versions of the engine, one of 530 HP and 663 Nm, while for the ones that really feel the need for speed a racing pack will unleash up to 650 HP.

Those are impressive numbers keeping in mind the total weight will be around 1,200 kg. The standard gearbox will have 6-gears manually shifted or an optional automated one with the paddles mounted on the steering wheel. The Tauro V8 Spider also enjoys limited slip differential, 19 inch wheels on the front and 20 inch on the back, while the weight mass ratio is very good, 52% on the front and 48% on the back.

Overall the Tauro will be an astonishing car, an adventure to drive and a once-in-a-life-time collector gold.



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