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TechRules Debuts Its 1287 HP TREV Supercar In The Geneva Motor Show

In 2018 China Car Times was acquired by Autowise. This article originally appeared on

Back with a bang on the Geneva Motor Show, TechRules presented a manic Ren this time round; in other words, a Turbine-Recharging Electric Vehicle featuring a 1287 horsepower capacity that powers all four wheels. The rear of this supercar has a prolific racy shark fin look to it. Similar to the McLaren F1, it can only accommodate three individuals with each having their own bubble below the canopy.

Situated out of Beijing, TechRules has an impressive website that comprises of an English news page. Zhiyue Tengfeng Technology Investment Corporation from China owns TechRules. Giorgetto Giugiaro and Fabrizio are the main contributors to the Red design with the development done by L.M Gianetti. L.M Gianetti (Engineering Firm) is set to produce the vehicle doing only limited edition versions.

The drivetrain comprises of six electric motors with one fitted in each of the front wheels and two fitted on both the rear wheels each. It also features a turbine and outputs 1287 hp and offers some complexity when it comes to the torque. The motor shaft records a total of 2340 while the wheels record 7800nm.

The Ren also has water-cooled lithium-ion polymer battery pack (710/800-25 kWh). It can do a 0-100 speed elevation in 2.5 seconds with the max speed being 320 kilometers. The chassis is built from carbon fiber with a wishbone double suspension on both the front and rear. The pure electric range on the Ren is 200 km with the range being 800 km.

The turbine can consume 80 liters of petrol. The company reiterates the turbine is flexible when it comes to types of fuels with diesel giving the best performance so far. The bubbles present a genius look especially from behind, and the rear is typically a massive air vent having a diffuser beneath it. Stylish hood with an up-front pushrod suspension. A beige drivers seat.

With the price not revealed yet, it goes without saying, this beauty will only go for top dollar; nothing less than a million dollars. However, it will take some time before TechRules has the Chinese electric supercar market for itself. The 1360 hp EP9 will get presented by the NIO with the ArcFox 7 getting readied by Beijing Auto which will only have 600 hp.


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