Tesla Model S is a Total Loss Due to an Unexplained Fire

Published January 6, 2016

This Tesla Model S was plugged in at a Supercharger Station in Norway when it caught on fire. The specific cause of the fire has not yet been determined and it is still under an investigation being conducted by Tesla and the local authorities. Fortunately; no one was in the vehicle when it ignited and no injuries were associated with this incident.


Firefighters responded to the blaze; but were unable to get the situation under control due to the electrical nature of the fire. A special solution of water and copper is required to appropriately control an electric car fire. These chemical solutions are very expensive and are not currently available to accommodate situations such as this one in Norway.

Unfortunately; the firefighters had no other option then water to attempt to control the fire and the Tesla was completely burned to the ground as a result.

There have been several incidents over the past few years where electric cars have caught on fire and several of them have been Tesla’s. But; most of these incidents were caused by damage to the batteries or charging system due to an impact or road obstructions. Electric automobiles are still fairly new to the industry and all incidents are taken very seriously and are investigated thoroughly. This appears to be the case in this situation and hopefully they will determine the cause and create a solution to prevent a future occurrence similar to this in the future with other Tesla’s.





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