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Tesla x Radio Flyer Electric ATV for Kids Sells Out Twice in One Day

You Can Actually Buy a Cyber-Something From Tesla, or at Least You Could Have

Tesla x Radioflyer Cyberquad electric ATV

On Thursday, Tesla quietly released an electric ATV for kiddos. Meet the Cyberquad.

The Cyberquad is the product of a Tesla and Radio Flyer collaboration, and the auto-innovator rolled out the $1,900 Cybertruck-inspired kid all-terrain vehicle, and the internet melted.

Two hours after listing, the Cyberquad had sold out. One hour later, it appeared that Tesla had handily replenished their electric ATV supply.

And then it sold out all over again.

For parents willing and able to shill out triple or quadruple Tesla’s original asking price, the secondary market is booming with brand-new Cyberquads. Much like the great Furby grab of Christmas 1998, the sky on resale value is the limit, and anything goes. It could get ugly out there this year, folks.

Tesla x Radio Flyer Cyberquad ATV Specs

When fully charged, the 36V Li-ion battery on the Cyberquad boasts 15 miles of range atop the very all-terrain pneumatic rubber tires.

Steering is as straightforward as found with any typical ATV. The driving modes are simple: forward or reverse. It can hit speeds up to 10mph.

Tesla and Radio Flyer recommend the electric ATV for kids aged 8 and up.

For additional information and maybe the future chance at getting your name on the list for next year, check out the Cyberquad electric ATV over at Tesla.com.

The fake ATV engine sounds are our favorite part of this promo video. We have a feeling this electric ride doesn’t make those noises, but they do add to the dramatic effect of the video.

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