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Tesla’s Future, Brought to you by Models C, R, X, and ?

Updated February 7, 2017

Tesla MotorsWe have heard a lot of Tesla Motors in the past, as a start-up company, its struggle with profitability, possible lawsuits for its sales model, and even an “Automobile of the Year” award, but what of the future? Where has Tesla been, and where is it going? Tesla Motors plans on having five different models by the end of the decade, so what’s in store?

Tesla Model X

Tesla new crossover, based on the Model S’ award-wining power-train, is due out for model year 2014, and if reactions to the Model S are any indication, the Model X is going to be worth the wait for people who have been waiting for an all-electric crossover vehicle.

Tesla Model C

The unofficial Model C is a compact car that right now is merely in the concept stage, but is is very cool looking. The Model C concept has automatic sliding doors and a rear slide-out trunk, but it only seats two people. There isn’t much beyond a few renderings of the Model C to give it any concrete specification, so Tesla has a lot of leeway if it decides to produce it.

Tesla Model E?

One of the problems with Tesla Motors vehicles is their price tag, which makes sense given the technology that goes into them. Besides industry-leading range, Tesla vehicles are also outfitted with every luxury option that you would expect for an $80,000 car. Planned for release in 2015, a new sedan, something of a scaled down version of the Model S, could be released as a direct competitor for the BMW 3-series, and should cost between $30,000 and $40,000.

If Tesla Motors is going to break into the greater market, then the as-yet-unnamed model [Model E, apparently, was a joke] will certainly appeal to more buyers, as if the long waiting list for the current models isn’t testament enough.

Tesla Model R

Tesla Motors made its first impression on the automobile market with a converted Lotus Elise and Tesla’s own all-electric power train. Needless to say, the Tesla Roadster was a bit of a niche car, and so sales and widespread impressions are hard to come by. The Roadster is no longer in production, with Tesla focusing instead on the purpose-built Model S.

Rumor has it that there will be a Roadster replacement, possibly by 2017, which will be called the Model R. Based on the same drive-train as the Model S and X, the Model R will most likely be lighter and faster than its predecessor.

The Future…

It is interesting to take a look at a company who is already doing something super-futuristic right now, and then ask, “What does the future hold?” This is kind of like asking why I haven’t come back from the future and slapped myself, and others, yet [there’s that whole paradox thing]. There are very few details beyond the rumors of Tesla’s future models, so we’ll have to wait and see what it looks like. Tesla seems to have big plans, I just hope that Mr. Musk can hold his company together long enough to see it come to pass.

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