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The 10 Baddest Chevelles we Could Find

Updated May 21, 2018

The Chevelle is one of America’s favorite cars. Chances are good that, even if you aren’t a fan of Chevrolet, you can pick out a Chevelle in a lineup of other muscle cars. They also just happen to be one of the most popular cars to restomod because parts are widely available and there is such a huge following. Here are 10 of the sickest Chevelle restomods we could find:

65 chevelle


1964 Jaw Dropper:64 chevelle

It makes sense that the first car is a 64 Chevelle Malibu with one of the biggest crate motors you can actually find stuffed between the front fenders. The GM ZZ502 is an absolute monster that produces over 500 ponies, and 567 lb-ft of neck snapping torque. This engine alone can cost upwards of $10,000 just to buy, and then you’ve got to make it fit.


Rounding out the drop top’s build, is a TH 400 3-speed transmission, billet wheels, a custom interior and power everything. This car is classy with a perfect paint job and flawless attention to detail.

64 Chevelle w 502 interior


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1965 Neck Breaker:

65 chevelle

Just when you thought we couldn’t find someone to stuff a bigger engine up front, we did. But, this thing brings it to a new level. The 545 cubic inch engine, coupled with the tubbed rear and slicks help launch this rocket down the quarter mile in under 9 seconds.

65 monster 545 engine

To finish out this race-ready Chevelle Malibu is a fully stripped interior-complete with roll cage, automatic powerglide transmission, 4.10:1 gears out back inside the 9” rear end.

65 monster interior


Sixty-Six Super Sport:

66 ss chevelle

Real Super Sport Chevelles can be difficult to find. The Chevelle SS is one of the most faked (or cloned, depending on your perspective) cars on the planet. This next Chevelle, is a real SS car, that we can only surmise had the original engine blown. So, what would any good car owner do? Put another big block in it, with even more power than the original 396 had.

66 ss 468

In fact, the 468 cubes equate into 500 hp. When you attach that to the Muncie 4-speed transmission, 3.42:1 gears and a 12 bolt—you can’t help but smile.

66 ss interior


1967 Two Toner:

68 two toner

Every so often, a car is so strange looking that it makes you give a second look and ask, what were they thinking? But, then after we get our feet on the ground again, we realize that each car is a work of art, and who the hell are we to judge?

68 two toner engine

There is nothing about this car that I would like on my own ’67 Chevelle (ya know, if I had the money to buy one?). However, this car is obviously beautiful to someone, somewhere. Someone who has two favorite colors: purple and beige. In fact, they like purple so much, that they painted the L98 TPI 350 (likely out of an 80s Vette or IROC) that same color. Hey, not what I’d do, but to each their own.

68 two toner interior


1967 Bullet:

67 Chevelle w 454

Some cars are just meant to be enjoyed. This ’67 restomod left no bolt undone, and has been finished from the ground up. The 454 big block under the hood is sure to get the job done, from one light to the next, while that glassy gun-metal paint job impresses onlookers at the local cruise.

67 Chevelle 454 engine

Everything was thought of from the A/C to the 3.73:1 rear end and 5-speed manual transmission. Cars like this are meant to be driven. The owner of this car is especially proud of the trunk, with hidden sub-woofer and leather sides.

67 chevelle w 454 trunk


1968 Black Beauty:

68 black beauty w 540

What do you get when you take a car, paint it glossy black, don’t hold back on the chrome and stick a 540 cubic inch big block under the hood? You get a 720 horsepower monster that is capable of doing donuts until the cows come home.

68 black beauty 540

Rounding out this Black Beauty is a TH400 transmission, 12 bolt rear and all the power goodies you could ever want for comfort. I bet this car wins an award at every show it is entered in.

68 black beauty interior


1969 Daily Driver:

68 daily driver

Every so often, it’s nice to slow down, and not have to worry about where the next gas station is. This next car, is set up to drive each and every day, and get better than 4 miles per gallon. However, it ain’t exactly a slouch either with the 383 stroker motor between the front fenders.

68 daily driver 383

To help further its job as a daily driver/cross country car, the 700R4 overdrive transmission makes cruising easy, and the aftermarket bucket seats will keep your rear comfy for hours at a time.

68 daily driver interior


1970 Super Sporty:

1970 super sporty 472

This is the car that made the Chevelle famous. Well, not this exact car, but this year/model. Original 454 big block cars were absolute monsters at the track, and smoked almost everything the competition had to offer.

1970 super sporty 472 eng

This particular Chevelle has a 454 that has been bored out to a final cubic count of 472 inches. Rounding the build out, is a 4-speed transmission that sends power to the wheels via a 3.73:1 12 bolt rear.

1970 super sporty interior


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1970 Fuelie:

1970 Fuelie

Raise your hand if you like fuel injection! Now, raise your hand if you like modern 525 horsepower LS3 engines! The car is finished in red with white racing stripes complete with a plush interior. Getting the ponies to the pavement is a Tremec T56 and a set of 3.70:1 gears in the 12 bolt positrac.

1970 fuelie ls3

This Chevelle is stunning on the inside and out, and not a detail was left undone.

1970 fuelie interior


1970 Grocery Getter:

70 grocery getter

I couldn’t finish this list without adding at least one wagon. After all, wagon’s are different and sexy. Plus, you’ve got all of that extra room for all of the junk you could ever fit in the back. The only issue, is that finding one to actually feature here on our website is difficult because there aren’t that many of them that are actually done well.

70 grocery getter 327

This grocery getter is an “SS” clone. It is fitted with a 327 small block and a set of 2.90:1 gears; definitely a turd on the track. But, it looks good with fresh paint and classy modern F-body interior.

70 grocery getter int




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