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The 100-150mpg Car – Yes, Bricklin is at it again.

In 2018 China Car Times was acquired by Autowise. This article originally appeared on

Malcolm Bricklin is a name synonymous with entrepreneurial spirit, and abject failure in the auto world. It will come as no shock to anyone who has followed Bricklin with his ups (i.e. importing Subaru to the US) and the numerous downs (i.e. Importing the Yugo and The Bricklin car, falling out with Chery and throwing mud etc) that he has announced a new project: A car that will do between 100 and 150 miles to the gallon. Im sure environmentalists and frugal people (China Car Times included) are rejoicing the world over at his news, but what exactly is it?

Bricklin is talking with 15 Chinese car companies with the plan of working together, i.e. he puts his crazyness down on paper and they make it for as cheap as possible. His goal is to have this in the US by 2009, having already delayed several times before we think a more practical goal would be 2012. Bricklin also stated that a working prototype would be ready within the next six months. Bricklin also went onto reveal that he still has more than $50 million that he raised from selling 27 Chery dealerships across the US, but had to return $200 million to investor George Soros after the Bricklin-Chery deal had collapsed.

Bricklin believes that the car he will bring to the US will use hybrid technology to gain such a high mile to the gallon. The car will use a new kind of battery pack that will be recharged by a small on board engine constantly running at a certain RPM – just enough to recharge the engine. He also went on to state that the proposed vehicle would be in the same class as the Mercedes E Class but retailing at between $15,000 to $25,000USD.

Were a bit harsh on Mr. Bricklin, but we like him really.



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