The 16 Most Passive Aggressive Notes Ever Left on Someone’s Windshield

Updated May 21, 2018

We’ve all left or received notes on a windshield. Normally we try to be polite but these folks couldn’t contain their disgust over how another driver parked.

While most of the notes that follow are in regards to the shortcomings in the recipients parking skills, there are a few that fall outside that categorization. As for advice, I like this note below. I think you could substitute just about any other life skill for the word “parking”. It’s my new mantra.



Sometime put a great deal of time into this one

Of course, since they weren’t able to drive to work that day they had time on their hands to write, print, and paste the note you see below. Sadly, the person who blocked the driveway probably balled it up and threw it away without reading it (or appreciating all the hard work that went into the note).



Why leave a note then?

Why would you leave a note calling attention to the fact that you’ve hit someone else’s car – especially if you didn’t think they’d notice – on the chance that someone might have seen you hit the car, copy your license plate,  and wait around for the owner. Not so smart, dude.



Good advice 1

Wow, good thing the driver found out all these things were going on when he was parked. I think that he won’t be using that one-lane alley as a parking lot anymore (right after he gets his car washed about a dozen times).



Blocking Carly Rae Jepsen’s Driveway

Funny, I don’t remember those lyrics in the song. Wait a minutes, it doesn’t even rhyme. Maybe this was something else’s driveway just pretending to be Canadian American Idol finalist Carly Rae Jepsen. Hmm, I would suggest you keep parking just the way you are, Mr. Asshat.



Assigning equal responsibility

I have to hand it to Scott. He did the right thing. He left a note with his real name and phone, and even a smiley face. But Scott is no pushover. He also pointed out that the other driver was partially at fault due to their poor parking. Scott, your mother must be so proud of you.



Nothing good starts with Dear Douchebag

Although I found the diagram the author added to be very helpful. I particularly enjoy the slash through the BAD parking path and the check mark next to the GOOD parking path. Worth keeping in your glovebox, I’d say.



Good Advice 2

What a thoughtful note. While the author did refer to driver’s parking with a four-letter(ish) word, there was no name calling. Just the name for what I would imagine is a local driving school. When it comes to Passive-Aggressive this writer has just about hit the nail on the head.



This must be a retired schoolteacher

I don’t know about you, but anyplace I’ve ever lived, if you park your car illegally before you can pull out your key fob and lock your car a little three wheel scooter pulls up and the parking officer immediately starts writing you a ticket. The fact that the driver is a “repeat offender” in the eyes of the writer make me wonder if the driver has broken the writer’s own personal rules for how and where people should park rather than the actual law.



A message from a really cool Kenworth Class 8 K100 COE truck

In case you don’t speak Transformer, Optimus Prime (who used to be known as Orion Pax prior to a failed marriage to a cargo trailer) has a strong moral character, excellent leadership and sound decision-making skills. Optimus Prime has a resolute sense of justice, being dedicated to building peaceful and mutually beneficial co-existence with humans, the protection of life and liberty of all sentient species. Oh, and he never ever parks over the line, much less takes up two spaces.



Maybe you should pick another Superhero

I’m sorry, but regardless of what you see in a video game, evoking the name of a white guy with a PhD from MIT in Theoretical Physics makes me think of Sheldon Cooper from “Big Bang Theory” and I just don’t see him as much of a deterrent to car theft. Oh, and in case you’re wondering, an Ocarina is an Italian musical instrument that looks like a golf club head drilled full of holes.



Impact Zero

My guess is that the amount of impact this note about causing the Camry owner to park two blocks away on a hot day and have all their ice cream melt in the process will have less than or equal to zero impact on the Nissan Altima owner. Just sayin’.




OK, unless you know the person who left you this note (and know that it was them who left you the note) it’s just plain creepy.



I would pay to watch this

Can you rent a Monster Truck by the hour? Pretty awesome concept when you think about it.



I always did better on fill-in-the-blank questions

I don’t know know about you but I’ve found that multiple choice questions are the most difficult of all. There are two throw-away answers and then there are two answer where either could be correct, depending just on one tiny piece of information. I wonder which choice the driver made on the quiz below.



In Portland they eat their own

Hey Mr. Greenpeace, instead of taking your frustrations out on a fellow citizen who believed they were doing the right thing when they bought their VW Jetta TDI, go to Washington DC and protest (both VW and the Feds are there). Or would that mean you miss the Hacky Sack finals?



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