Foose 1967 Charger 1

The 1967 Dodge Charger Custom Built By Chip Foose

Check Out This Awesome Chip Foose Charger Custom That Sold On eBay!

Updated October 3, 2018

A 1967 Dodge Charger built by Chip Foose, arguably one of the most popular car customizers in the United States recently sold on Ebay.  This particular creation was built by Mr. Foose on the ‘Overhaulin’ TV show for SEMA.  This 67 Charger retains the lines of the original car while tastefully enhancing the vehicle to give it an aggressive and modern appearance.  It is arguably one of the best 1967 Dodge Chargers in existence.

Chip Foose Charger 1

The engine powering the 1967 Charger is a 426 Hemi.  Converting the power produced by the engine into forward motion is a Bowler 727 automatic, with 2 speed gear Vendors overdrive.

It has many custom components including a custom paint job with custom Foose fade, a custom interior, custom alloy wheels and custom headers.

Chip Foose Charger 2

Additional enhancements include:

California Clean and Clear Title
Serpentine Belt Assembly
Heavy Duty Radiator with Polished Aluminum Overflow Tank
Torsion Bar Front Suspension
The Interior is custom with custom upholstery, red and black vinyl on Cobra Front
Bucket seats in front and individual rear seats
1400 Watt Audio System
Chrome front and rear bumpers
Vintage AC
Hideaway headlights
Stock rear end

Chip Foose Charger 3

Chip Foose Charger 4



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